France celebrates World Cup win

We’ve been having a few discussions on this blog recently about the benefits of multiculturalism. Winston says he is against it. Chris Bishop is apparently all for it. Some of the comments at the time of the win showed that people thought that multiculturalism was a significant factor in France’s victory and that if the Croatians had adopted a more diverse immigration policy, then they might have won the Cup in the end.

So, the French celebrated their win on the streets of Paris in true Gallic style.

Or maybe, more accurately, Somali style.? The Express UK?reports: Quote:

Celebrations turned to chaos in??with riots and looting as millions of French fans had been celebrating their team?s 4-2 victory over Croatia in the World Cup final.

More than 500 people were arrested during the evening after the win and around 100,000 police officers were out on the streets as well as 44,000 firefighters.

In the southeast city of Annecy, police reported a 50-year-old man died after breaking his neck when he jumped into a shallow canal in celebration of the French victory.

Around 845 cars were vandalised during the evening’s violence.

Journalists were attacked in the northern French city of Rouen after they refused to delete a video of a violent attack and had to be treated by medical professionals.

In the French capital a bar was vandalised and thirty young people wearing ski masks ransacked a shop in the Champs-Elys?es while smiling and filming themselves with cellphones.

The riots spread from the famous Arc de Triomphe to other parts of Paris.

As the revellers gradually left the popular avenue, police used water cannons to disperse the remaining people at around 11.30pm local time.

French journalist for Le Figaro, Paul Carcenac, tweeted: ?Clashes between thugs who throw bottles and CRS.

“People flee through the adjacent streets.?

The celebrations spread across the nation and in Lyon a group of youths was also seen destroying street furniture, setting alight rubbish bins and attacking the police.

In Lyon there were clashes between police and 100 young people who had managed to climb on top of a police car at an open-air showing of the match in the centre of the city.

In Frouard, a town outside Nancy, a three-year-old boy and two six-year-old girls were injured after they were hit by a motorbike during the celebrations.

Tear gas was used in order to control them.

The footage that emerged from Marseille showed rioting youths vandalising a bus and starting fires in the street.

In the city of Grenoble, people were throwing objects at police officers who responded by firing tear gas.

Bins were burned, windows of bus shelters broken and 30 cars were overturned.

Talking of France’s success in the World cup, French football fan Goffrey Hamsik said: ?It represents enormous things.

?We’ve had lots of problems in France these past years, this is good for the morale. here, we are all united. We mix. There is no religion, there is nothing, and that’s what feels good.” End quote.

That French cognac must be especially good. Is this anyone’s idea of ‘good for the morale’? Quote:

Another Twitter user said: ?The French people are so happy about winning that they set fire to cars, starts riots and celebrate with throwing stones at the police and firefighters.? End quote.

This is the new normal for Europe now. There is no joyous celebration at an event that should bring the country together in nationalistic pride. Instead, there is tear gas, water cannons and torched cars.

Welcome to the new world order. Give me Croatia any day.