Free speech fight at the not-O.K. Corral

In 1952 Clyde Forsythe painted “Gunfight at O.K. Corral, based in part on stories from eyewitnesses?including his own father. [Image: ? Lee A. Silva Collection]

One Day at the not-OK Corral.

Sheriff, sheriff…there’s a-gonna be trouble, that Rosemary McLeod woman jus’ rode on into town, she’s lookin’ to enter th’ debate…

What debate?

Well, the free speech debate, o’course…

Who’s Rosemary McLeod?

She’s the lady wrote all that stuff back in 2012, sayin’ all them nasty words ’bout the men/women, y’now, about them he/she’s an’ men pretendin’ to be women pretendin’ to be men, confusin’ ever’thing in her femi-nine brains…

What happened then?

A hell lot of hurly-burly, a heck of fightin’, newspaper even got invaded by them Amazons women an’ a whole posse of he/she’s all a-hollerin’ and a-whoopin’. Well near a riot, ah’d say…

What did the newspaper do?

Ah’ll be darned if they didn’t defend the McLeod woman, sayin’ it all come under “freedom of expression” or some such non-sense…

What did Rosemary do?

Why; ain’t she the shameless one, pullin’ out the exact same de-fence, sayin’ it’all “freedom of expression” stuff, she all ‘outspoken’ this, and ‘excuse me’ that; ‘but I’m a liberal and a feminist’, all hooty-tooty like. Well she jus’ gonna stir up a whole lot’a bother, ah sense it in mah very bones. She’s gonna wade on out an’ stick her oar in support of them smarmy northeners that was barred from town by the Mayor…

No; she ain’t.

Whassat you say; she ain’t?

You said it yourself: she’s a liberal fem’nist. At least one of them two troublesome Mountie-country moose-jockeys causin’ this affair is a man, a conserv’tive man. The McLeod woman; why, she’d rather choke back her own needle-yarn than support someone of’a opposite sex and’a opposite politics like him. She ain’t gonna speak up for them.

Do I hears you right? You sayin’ it ain’t the principle; it comes down to whose side y’all on? Well, ah’ll be…y’know, if what you’re sayin’ is true, that’d make the McLeod woman jus’ a two-faced, one-eyed, self-centered coward fer not speakin’ out an’ supportin’ ‘free expression’, ‘specially since she been on th’ recievin’ end of a mob. A right yeller-belly.

A left yeller-belly. That’s enough learnin’ for y’all today, run along now and rest easy; she ain’t gonna say nothin’ in support, believe me…

Digital image credit idbkiwi

Whell, ah’ll be darned.


by idbkiwi