From the inbox

Someone writes:

Kia ora Cameron,

I don’t expect an answer to my question, but I’ll ask it anyway. I’ve been wondering for a long time why you so actively hate your political opponents. It’s not a sound basis for a better society. Yes, I’m a socialist?? and, by the way, I’m surprised you seem to label the current government as ‘socialist’: I would argue that previous National Party Governments have followed similar policies?? they’re hardly revolutionary.

My point is that I despise the politics of David Seymour, Don Brash, Judith Collins, and others. However, I at least accept that their beliefs are genuinely held, and that they are honest in their views that the policies they support will improve the lot of all New Zealanders. You seem unwilling?? or unable?? to say the same about Labour Party MPs, Green Party MPs etc.

It is this level of vitriol that antagonises people so very much, and that separates you from the likes of David P. Farrar and Matthew Hooton.

Finally, you may be asking yourself, what has set this leftie off? Curiously, it was your cheap shot at teachers in describing them as ‘revolting’. Crass, callous, and just not funny!



And my response:

So, let’s get this straight, not that a socialist has any concept of straight.

You write to me outraged that I “hate” my political opponents. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t hate anyone, but I do despise their policies.

I also have a particular dislike for particular politicians, but mainly for personal reasons. David Parker, for instance, who is a gutless coward and who has repeatedly defamed me inside of the house, immune from action because of parliamentary privilege.

I also despise stupidity and laziness. Hence my low regard for Clare Curran, Kelvin Davis and David Clark, amongst others.

I’m no fan of the National party either, and it seems you clearly haven’t read any posts from last year, instead relying on erroneous descriptions of me in the past. Yes, National are socialists too.

So, while I can elucidate my dislike of policy and some people, and you, think this is “not a sound basis for a better society”, you then go on to show that you hate people without explaining why. Do you think this is hypocritical to wag the finger at me but not hold yourself to the same standards as you wish to hold me to.? This is why #walkaway is so popular in the United States: because hypocrisy from the left has become so astonishingly brazen.

I am friends and communicate with a number of Labour MPs. They indeed do hold honest opinions and look for a better way; they are just wrong in their approach. We, at least, can agree we have a different approach to things… and different solutions.

If people are antagonised that is too bad. Politics is not a game for snowflakes. I am simply picking up the tactics and attitudes of the left and playing those right back at them. It works and it is why I am so effective. It is also the reason why the left resorted to criminal behaviour to try to bring me down. It failed, of course, like socialism in general.

I especially despise teacher unions (not teachers), having had a terrible time through school, being bullied by various teachers because of who my father was and not who I was. Most are also desperately stupid and have no regard for excellence or quality outcomes. Witness the pathological approach to destroying charter schools despite them showing amazing results for students the state sector schools simply left behind, and despite claims from unions that we have a world-class education system. If it truly was world class then there wouldn’t be the clamour for alternative and better solutions in education. If we did have a world-class education system why are charter schools over subscribed in poorer areas and why do they get better results for the same students than state schools were able to achieve?

If socialism is the answer, then it must have been a really stupid question. I will continue? holding dopey politicians’ feet to the fire.

Thank you for your correspondence, even if you are somewhat wonky in your understanding of what makes me tick.

Kind regards

Cam Slater