Goff’s Auckland Council so secretive over free speech they’ve suppressed their evidence

You’d think in a legal battle over free speech that the protagonists would provide their evidence in full, but no, not with Phil Goff’s Auckland Council.

Their evidence supporting their statement of defence has been suppressed on the rather spurious grounds that it might reveal security considerations for the two speakers.??

This is even more curious as the promoters hadn’t even filed their health and safety plan before Goff, then the council venues’ manager, tweeted that they were pulling the plug.

Does Phil Goff think he is running some super-secret organisation that requires security provisions for a suburban theatre to be redacted and suppressed?

It’s a joke.

Phil Goff is a joke and Auckland Council are a joke.

Why on Earth are they fighting so hard to prevent two people speaking?? Why the secrecy? Did Phil Goff get an SIS briefing or something?

With behaviour like this it is not really surprising that his own polling is showing favourability ratings of -23%.