Government to drivers: Only electric cars for you!

Greens and the government threaten to go all in on electric cars. Quote.

Quote:If New Zealand is to meet its zero carbon pledge, nearly all the country’s cars will have to be zero-emission by 2050, Climate Change Minister James Shaw says.

As of June, roughly 8700 plug-in cars are on the road of a total fleet of more than four million.

[…]”We think that means about 95 percent of vehicles in the year 2050 will be zero-emissions vehicles.”End of quote.

Nothing but electric cars for you! Quote.

Quote:[…]Associate Transport Minister Julie-Anne Genter dismissed the suggestion that was unrealistic.

“What is possible in 2030 will be far different from what we imagine being possible today.”End of quote.

Sure, and back in the 1930s we imagined flying cars. How did that turn out? Quote.

The former National government set a goal of doubling the EV fleet every year to reach 64,000 by 2021.

The new government planned to set a “far more ambitious” target, Ms Genter said.

“I think we can do much better than that,” she said.

“We’re in the process of investigating what other support government can offer to ensure we are bringing in cleaner cars.”End of quote.

Translation: How can we tax petrol even more and subsidise inefficient electric cars using the taxpayer’s dime? Quote.

Quote:National MP Jami-Lee Ross said the new government was talking a big game, but had yet to follow through.

“There hasn’t been anything meaningful that’s been done around electric vehicle uptake and if there’s a serious desire for a reduction in emissions… government should be leading the way,” he said.End of quote.

Oh God, please don’t encourage them. You should be saying how much of a retarded idea it is not egging them on. This is exactly why voters are calling National Labour-lite. Quote.

Quote:[…]Both the United Kingdom and France last year committed to banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.End of quote.

Which makes the poms and the frogs just as retarded as James and Julie. Obviously, neither Julie nor James are Whaleoil readers. As Whaleoil writer and commentator WH points out, not only are electric cars not any cleaner, but our power grid isn?t going to be able to cope.

Sigh. Well ,at least we?ll have a much bigger case for building a couple of nuclear power plants.