Gratitude, Palestinian style

Caption: Sure, that looks like a good way to spend Australian taxpayers’ money

Fawning adulation from the Jew-hating left is not the only largesse the Palestinian Authority has extracted from Australians. Tens of millions of dollars – both legitimate and not – have been hoovered from the pockets of Australian taxpayers only to end up paying terrorists. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has finally grown a spine and put the kybosh on the flow of Australian gold .

Like a spoiled child suddenly denied a treat, the Palestinians are throwing a right tanty. Quote:

A senior Palestinian Authority official has condemned a decision by the Australian government to cancel $10 million in aid, describing Australia as ?worthy of being spat on? and ?servants of the US?. End of quote.

Well, there?s gratitude for you. Quote:

?Australia?s decision about transferring $10 million angered me greatly. That?s all that Australia pays ? $10 million that it pays to us, to the PA, through the international bank,? he said. End of quote.

That?s all? That?s $10 million that could have been going to Australian schools. Australian hospitals. Australian pensioners. Australian veterans. Instead, it was being used to pay off Jew-killing terrorists. Quote:

Australia announced early last week it would end its direct aid to PA and will instead pay through the United Nations, following fears the money was going to the families of terrorists. Australia had previously sent aid to the World Bank?s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recovery and Development Program, but there were concerns the PA had paid stipends, known as ?martyr payments?, of up to $US3500 ($4600) a month to families of those killed or jailed by Israeli authorities. End of quote.

Of course, we get the usual moderate, level-headed rhetoric we?ve come to expect from the Palestinian Authority. Quote:

?In other words, the truth is they are worthy of being spat on. You (Australians) are the servants of the US. No decision is made without Australia voting as the US votes ? sometimes only these three vote: Israel, America and Australia ?

?We do not want to declare war on Australia. But it cannot be, in other words, sometimes there is insolence that is impossible (to accept). I don?t want your $10 million. I don?t want to chase after them.? End of quote.

?Declare war? on us? Oh, dear, please don?t make us quake in our boots.

Still, at least that money was legitimately allocated by the government. As revealed last week, Palestinian terrorists have been leeching off the Australian taxpayer in a far more nefarious fashion. Quote:

Australian taxpayer funds are being funnelled to a Palestinian aid organisation that has employed and supported a leader of a terrorist group in Gaza. The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has given at least $21 million in the past decade to a Sydney-based charity set up by the unions, Union Aid Abroad ? APHEDA.

This charity then channelled millions of dollars to the MA?AN Development Centre ? a Palestinian organisation that employed a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). End of quote.

Hal G. P. Colebatch?s 2013 book Australia?s Secret War revealed the shocking story of how key unions had sabotaged Australia?s War effort when the nation faced its gravest peril from 1939 to 1945. It turns out that the Unions? patriotic spirit lives on. Quote:

Union Aid Abroad ? APHEDA, which describes itself as a ?justice organisation of the Australian union movement? and provides funding to human rights causes around the world? End of quote.

Instead, the union ?charity? was allegedly funnelling money to an organisation whose CV includes: Quote:

a spate of terror attacks dating back to 1968..More recent incidents include a 2015 attack on Israelis driving in a car, an assassination plot against ?Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a 2014 massacre in a Jerusalem synagogue where four Jewish worshippers and a policeman were killed and a further seven were injured, a 2012 attack involving firing an antitank missile explosive device and, a month earlier, detonating a roadside bomb targeting an Israeli Defence Force patrol in southern Israel, among others.

PFLP also claimed responsibility for a spate of suicide bombings in 2002 to 2004 [?]?End of quote.

It?s nice to know Australian unions are using Australian taxpayers? money to contribute to an organisation responsible for such worthy ?human rights causes?. It?s also nice to acknowledge such lovely expressions of gratitude from the Palestinians. Take it from us: you?re worthy of being spat on, too.

I mean, that must be a compliment or something over there, right?