Greedy teachers flip fingers at Hipkins

The teachers are revolting. Well, we know that already, but they are literally revolting against the government by deciding to initiate strike action:?Quote:

Primary school teachers and principals will striketheir?first industrial action in New Zealand since 1994 – after rejecting a pay offer from the Government.

The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI), which represents about 27,000 primary school staff, said members voted “overwhelmingly in favour” of a half-day work stoppage in August, and are now discussing whether to extend the strike to a full day.

The Ministry of Education offered?pay rises over three years ranging from?6.1?per cent at?the top?of the pay scale ? making the maximum salary about?$80,600 ??to a 14.7 per cent rise on the entry salary of?$47,980 for university trained teachers, bringing it?to $55,030.

The teachers’ union had asked for a 16 per cent pay rise over two years, among other claims to improve staffing and workloads it says have contributed to?a national teacher shortage. End quote.

They’ve overestimated the capacity of the government to accede to their demands. Hipkins has been dancing to their tune for years, cancelling charter schools because unions hate excellence and moving to get rid of other things the unions hate. Hipkins simply doesn’t have any cash to deliver this latest demand.?Quote:

“Primary teachers have not taken industrial action in New Zealand since 1994 and the fact that we are taking such a step shows the grave concerns we have for the future of quality public education.”

As well as higher pay, NZEI asked for pay parity with secondary school teachers, more support staff, and a lower teacher-to-student ratio for year four to eight students.?End quote.

But, they oppose quality education and smaller class sizes in the form of charter schools. Hypocrites. The secondary teachers will be next. Quote:

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) is also?in pay negotiations with the Government. Members had endorsed the union’s claim for a 15 per cent pay rise at meetings held last month.

Its members’ pay scale starts at $51,200 and stops at?$78,000.?The PPTA will finalise its claim in August.?End quote.

The teachers are never happy, but they didn’t strike under National and now their puppet government are in power they are expecting payoff for all the hard years and donations.

Now watch them all use their pupils to further politicise the issue.