Have sex and travel

Middle New Zealand is raising its eyebrows at the pressure put on national and local government by the Islamic community, and is shocked by government’s readiness to comply in preventing Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking in New Zealand to ?offer their polarizing views on, among many things, immigration, gender and feminism.?

Government’s behaviour is akin to a man removing all his clothes and bending over in a public toilet where cruising blokes meet, when he should be leaving his clothes on and telling the cruising blokes to “Have sex and travel.”

As expected, the Islamic community is hotly contesting any public discussion on immigration or Islam because the Canadian pair?s views are that Islam has ?screwed western civilization.? Quote.

The Islamic community and Auckland Peace Action want Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway to stop the pair. They believe allowing them to spout their “fascist ideology” will “empower local racists and encourage racist violence”.

New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh said it had written letters to the Immigration Minister, Minister for Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission asking for Lauren Southern to be denied entry. End of quote.

And New Zealand Federation of Islam Association’s President Hazim Arafeh says: Quote.

[She] abuses her right of freedom of speech. She’s just going to give a talk in which she’s just going to insult all of us,” Mr Arafeh said.

I don’t think insulting Muslims comes under free speech, that’s an abuse of freedom of speech. End of quote.

No, it?s not an abuse of free speech. It is free speech, and if you don?t like it you are certainly entitled to say why. But, don’t think for one minute you are entitled to shut everyone else up.

Islam is not a race, so you can’t legitimately call criticism of Islam racist.

And, ahem, speaking of violence, Islam is responsible for more death, discrimination, repression and violence than any other group of people alive today. Nor is it just another religion. It is an international political movement masquerading as a religion.

Regardless of these important points, the real injustice for us in New Zealand is the shutting down of free speech, which a Stuff editorial points out. Quote.

Healthy, robust debate is as essential to our democracy as the right to vote, possibly more so.

The same tolerance that allows that freedom ? even if it comes with some abuse ? also recognises people’s rights to pursue their own religious practices and cultural values in a diverse, dynamic society.

It includes the right to protest and petition, as these groups have done.

But banning these people actually undermines the foundation of those rights. It assumes that the system is not robust enough to tolerate that breadth of views or the populace sophisticated enough to respond rationally. End of quote.

Of course, shutting down the discussion is exactly what any political movement or tyrannical politician seeking to control the masses must do to survive. Heaven forbid anyone should develop independent thought and question the status quo because this would be a threat to their existence.

Phill Goff and disgraced anti-Semitic misogynist, Salafist preacher Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

Phil Goff knows which side his bread is buttered on when it comes to immigration and he is certainly no proponent of free speech. He quickly jumped on the bandwagon to protect his turf by banning the Canadian pair from speaking at any Auckland venues, calling their views “divisive” and “repugnant“.

The Islamic community and local and national politicians are all running scared.

As well they should, because upholding our right to free speech is the one thing that can topple them from their comfy perches, and ?protecting our right to it is critical to our survival. Seems like a good time to tell some of our politicians it’s time for them to “Have sex and travel.”