Heartless, childless, bitter, old windbag continues her personal jihad against a man who wants to save babies

Digital image credit: Pixy

Helen Clark, the childless, bitter, old windbag, is continuing her very personal attacks against a man who just wants to save babies. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has questioned whether profits from a public concert at Eden Park will actually be spent on saving babies in developing countries.

Clark tonight cited media reports which cast doubt on scientist and philantropist Sir Ray Avery’s ambitious proposal to develop baby incubators which had the potential to save a million lives.

Kip Marks, an engineer who previously worked on Sir Ray’s LifePods project, questioned whether the product was ready for manufacture yet. Speaking to TVNZ, Marks said fundraising money was more likely to be used for product development.
“So what is Eden Park charity seeking funds [from the] public for?” Clark tweeted in response to the story.

“Engineer who worked on project says $$ are more likely to be going into product development in order to try to make an incubator that works.

“Hello!” she added. “Transparency please.”

But Sir Ray disagreed, telling Newstalk ZB last night the research and development phase had been completed.

He said a contract had also already been signed with an Indian manufacturer and every $2000 raised would lead to a LifePod being built and delivered to a hospital in need.

He was shocked by how criticism of the project had suddenly become personal, he said.

“I didn’t realise there was such an orchestrated campaign to bring down the concert, which would end up in character assasinations … and I guess I’m the next cab off the rank,” he said.

“I was certainly unprepared for that.” End quote.

Ray Avery should be careful around bus stops and train stations. Helen Clark is well known for throwing civil servants, like annoying police commissioners, under the proverbial bus.

Helen Clark has become very vocal and very bitter. I’m starting to believe rumours that she is thinking of ousting Phil Goff from the mayoralty.

Can’t Winston or Jacinda find her an overseas position somewhere? Ambassador to the USA? High commissioner to Niue? Even better, our first ambassador to Israel for a new embassy in Jerusalem.

The great thing about this very personal spat is that Helen Clark is helpfully reminding us all why we voted her out of office.