Heartless, childless, bitter, old windbag dances on the graves of a million babies

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Helen Clark lacks self-awareness but has oodles of selfishness. She is celebrating that her nasty and spiteful attacks against a former New Zealander of the Year have succeeded in seeing his charity concert, to raise money to save a million babies, scuppered.

The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

The decision to abandon the “Million Babies” Waitangi Day LifePod Appeal concert at Eden Park has been applauded by concert opponents, including former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Clark spoke on Newstalk ZB this afternoon after The Eden Park Trust announced its decision to abandon the concert due to time and money constraints.

A Mount Eden resident, she said she was relieved the concert had been ditched.

Clark had publically voiced her disapproval for the event, earlier stating the concert was being used as a “Trojan horse” to provide a precedent for future music concerts.

“When I looked at that proposal with no noise limits, the thought of the disruption with the trucks and trailers trundling through for set up and taking down, and of course the precedent set for the future of concerts, those were the grounds for in which I put an objection,” she said.

“Events like this have not had permission before. I think Eden Park deliberately put this up to see if they could get it through under the application being for a charity.

“The charity could have always taken the concert proposal to Mt Smart which has roughly the equivalent seating at 45,000 seats ? but instead it allowed itself to be used as a test case for the park.”

Clark said she felt the Trust’s decision to abandon the concert due to time constraints and court costs was “disingenuous”.

“There was always going to be objections, so for the park to say now that it was forced to withdraw, I think is somewhat disingenuous.”

She would continue to oppose any similar proposal at the stadium. End quote.

She’s a NIMBY, and a nasty one at that.

I’ll be relieved when she just slides away into oblivion. She is the one reason I have for opposing a republic for New Zealand. Imagine her as president.

She has prevented a fundraiser and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if she orchestrated the negative news that descended on Ray Avery. She is literally celebrating and dancing on the graves of a million babies right now.