Her arrogance is only exceeded by her ignorance

Most women stopped handing out bitchy little insults at primary school when the recipients fought back to teach them a lesson.

Clearly that didn?t happen to Eugenie Sage because she still hasn’t mastered that one.? And she’s a public figure no less.

Eugenie Sage

Or was she was so forthcoming with the insults simply because she thought the target of her venom would be out of earshot?? ?

Either way, Sage needs to grow up because she is an embarrassment!

Eugenie Sage on Q&A not only insulted Trump but the United States too when she answered why it was taking so long to ban single-use plastic bags in New Zealand by saying quote.

Unlike Trump?s America, you don?t issue executive orders, we are in a democracy, you do the policy work, you consult other agencies, you consult colleagues, so that you get sound policy. End of quote.

Since when did America stop being a democracy?

Since when does America create policy without consulting its experts?

And since when is Trump the only American president to issue executive orders?

And when, with the exception of the previous president?s foreign policies and healthcare disaster, do United States presidents not generally produce sound policy?

The childish slights are uncalled for. Sage knows the media love to denigrate Trump, so she stupidly plays up to them, not realising that she presents as an idiot, which doesn’t inspire confidence in any of her “well researched” policies.

If Sage thought she was scoring cheap points in the public arena by preaching to the converted then she is out of touch with public opinion because the public has woken up to the nonsense our media regurgitates from overseas anti-Trump media.

Perhaps she should take her own advice and consult an expert on the subject before she puts her foot in her mouth again.

Her irrelevant comments only serve to highlight her arrogance and stupidity.

The saving grace is that Trump may not be listening to the insults flying from this government. It is likely however that his advisors will be, and in this digital age everything is recorded for dissemination by interested parties.? A prime minister who described him as ?not as orange as she expected? and now Sage adding her own ignorant slights makes it embarrassing to be represented by these two.

Naivety and arrogance are the hallmarks of this government. Let?s hope New Zealand doesn’t have to reach out to our United States ally anytime soon because they will quite rightly tell us to take a hike.