‘He’s not supposed to do that’

Caption: Where de wimmin at?

In the female prison
There are seventy women
I wish it was with them
That I did dwell

– Brendan Behan, The Auld Triangle

In news that should surprise absolutely no-one, a male crim turned loose in a women?s prison immediately started monstering the female inmates. Colour me shocked.

Of course, this was not just any male crim: despite having a full set of tackle, this bloke claims he is a woman, you see. Nice scam, if you can pull it off. And “pull it off” he tried. Quote:

A transgender prisoner has been accused of sexually assaulting four female inmates after being sent to a women’s prison, despite not having had reassignment surgery.

It is alleged the first attack took place within days of the inmate arriving at New Hall jail in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. End of quote.

As many feminists have argued, the current fad for ?transgender rights? is often an attack on women?s rights. In this case, women’s right to be safe from violent male prisoners. As New Zealand feminist Renee Gerlish says, relaxing laws regarding ?gender identity? mean that a biological male pretty much only has to put on a wig and a dress and say he?s a woman, and he?s instantly given access to women-only spaces. Usually, spaces where women are exceptionally vulnerable: bathrooms, change rooms, shelters, and prisons. Quote:

The alleged victim – an inmate with whom the inmate had become friends with – said she could see the prisoner’s erect penis at the time of the assault.

There are also claims the prisoner made inappropriate comments about oral sex to another prisoner, while a third says she was also attacked and a fourth claims she was kissed on the neck by the transgender inmate. End of quote.

A hulking crim with the full meat?n?two-veg is a clear threat to actual women. Trans women, contrary to the inane pontifications of the likes of Julie Anne Genter, are not women. They?re men who think they?re women. Or at least, pretend so. Quote:

recent figures indicate there were 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales up to the end of March 2017, an increase from 70 a year earlier. End of quote.

So why the sudden explosion of ?transgender? prisoners? At least part of the explanation is what is known as ?trans-trenderism?. ?Social contagion? is well-known in psychology. It?s the reason that journalists are rigidly prescribed from reporting suicide in detail: to prevent other people jumping on the bandwagon. ?See the pot, wanna piddle,? as my Mum used to say.

There are also other obvious incentives. Quote:

Transgender inmates also benefit from greater freedom in terms of dress code and can shower and wash clothes in private. End of quote.

Dustin Hoffman, in Tootsie, posed as a woman in order to secure a better job. Prisoners are wising up to the same scam.

In 2016, American Secretary of State John Kerry was confronted with the news that one of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners he and Obama had ordered released, Ibrahim al-Qosi, had immediately rejoined al Qaeda. A clearly dumbfounded Kerry eventually mumbled, ?He?s not supposed to be doing that?.

No, he?s not supposed to, but the thing about criminals and terrorists is precisely that they don?t do what they?re supposed to. The result of turning the ?transgender? wolves loose in the sheepfold of a women?s prison is so obvious that it?s astonishing that anyone could actually be surprised by the inevitable result.