Hot pants Helen

Commenter XCIA?listened to a Larry Williams interview with Helen Clark yesterday afternoon. He said that she stated that?she had never heard of Sir Ray Avery?prior to the “Eden Park nonsense.” This surprised?XCIA who thought that a woman who prided herself in keeping up with New Zealand current news and affairs whilst she was out of the country should have known who he was given that he…

  • Was a founding member of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Auckland School of Medicine.
  • That he was the technical director of Douglas Pharmaceuticals, where he developed and commercialised pharmaceutical and nutritional products
  • That he was a Technical Director of the Fred Hollows Foundation
  • That he founded the international development organisation Medicine Mondiale dedicated to making quality healthcare and equipment accessible to even the poorest developing nations around the world
  • That he received a World Class New Zealand Award in the Life Sciences category
  • That he was voted Readers Digest New Zealand’s Most Trusted Person
  • That he was Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year
  • That he was invested as a Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit, (just to mention some of his achievements.)

XCIA found her claim so unbelievable that he said it was worthy of Victor Meldrew’s famous “I don’t believe it”

It was at that point that Sally our world famous ( in New Zealand) Whaleoil researcher sprang into action. In no time at all, she revealed that in 2014 both Helen Clark and?Sir Ray Avery were keynote speakers at an NZMSA conference in Christchurch.

Credit: Sally

Liar, liar. I think we should refer to Helen Clark as hot pants Helen from now on.