Hypocritical Muslim activists ‘angry’ about the free speech of others

Digital image credit: Pixy
Hazim ‘Mussolini’ Arafeh says, “This type of speech makes all Muslims of the world very, very angry.”

Some activist Muslims in New Zealand are angry. Well, blow me down with a suicide bomber, how surprising. These supremacists come to New Zealand and take advantage of our tolerance and freedom to spread their intolerant and?oppressive?ideas and demand special treatment for their speech, their religious law and their actions while demanding that equal tolerance is denied to others. How bloody dare they!

I am really angry that this tiny minority is already flexing their muscles in New Zealand and attacking the very foundation of our democracy: free speech. How is it that they feel that they can act like supremacists in our country and get away with it? Well, they dare to act this way because they have the support of well-meaning but naive organisations like the Human Rights Commission and well-meaning but ignorant lefties.

Most left-wingers?are under the impression that they are protecting a weak minority group when, in fact, they are enabling a huge worldwide majority that is spreading its pernicious influence rapidly throughout the western world and using various forms of jihad to do it.

FIANZ president Hazim Arafeh’s attack on free speech at the moment is being fought using media jihad as the useful idiots in the media think they are protecting weak victims, not a massive worldwide supremacist organisation.

Terrorism is only one of many ways to wage jihad. There is:

  • education jihad
  • cultural jihad
  • demographic jihad
  • economic jihad
  • institutional jihad
  • media jihad
  • financial jihad
  • criminal jihad
  • thuggery jihad and
  • litigation jihad.

Left-wingers are Islamic pawns and they have no idea that they are being played. They are Islamic puppets; useful idiots who are enabling sharia law and the Islamification of New Zealand by destroying our democratic foundations, one human right at a time.

They want to shut down speech they don’t agree with so are, with enthusiasm, jumping on the Islamic blasphemy-law bandwagon. They are willfully blind to the fact that Islam rejects all the other victimhood groups that the left are so fond of. How can they miss the fact that the so-called ‘racist literature’ that Lauren?Southern was banned from the United Kingdom for distributing were actually pamphlets that had an inclusive message of tolerance?

What are left-wingers doing supporting a supremacist ideology that contends it is offensive and racist to say that God loves gay people?