I always knew Chester Borrows was wet, but never knew he liked wading in puddles

Chester Borrows has always been wet. I just didn’t realise how wet until he took up a position at the trough provided by Andrew Little: Quote:

A former National MP believes New Zealand’s prison population could be halved without putting law-abiding Kiwis in danger.? End quote.

Great. They can stay with him then.? Quote:

Chester Borrows, a former police officer, lawyer and Minister of Courts, is heading an advisory group tasked with helping to reform a justice system he says in many aspects, isn’t working.

He told The AM Show on Monday most politicians know that restorative justice is the key to reducing crime, but are happy to talk tough on sentencing because it gets them votes.

“The fact is law and order is one of the big four people vote on alongside health, education and the economy. So what you find is someone who wants to stay in power or someone who wants to get into power… will run over and push that button.”

And it’s politics he fears will get in the way of real reform.

“The thing that could kill it is the politics around it. [The advisory group] is thankfully about putting up evidence-based solutions. Now if the politicians want to kill it with rhetoric, over to them. But let’s shift the blame to them.”? End quote.

What a load of waffle. This from a guy who was tits at policing, even worse as a lawyer and who has privately told other MPs he made more money as an MP than he did as a lawyer.? Quote:

Mr Borrows’ aim to cut prison numbers by half goes even further than Justice Minister Andrew Little’s target of a third. Presently there are about 10,600 people behind bars – a record.

“There’s a chunk of them there… who are there for administrative crimes,” says Mr Borrows.

“They’re there because they did something the court told them not to do, or they didn’t pay a fine or they didn’t do their community work.”? End quote.

Rubbish. You have to try real hard to get into prison these days, and most of those in there are real hardened ratbags with no redeeming features.? Quote:

Many of those are young people who have their lives ahead of them, but the system is letting them down.

“You send them to a criminal university and give them a gang affiliation,” he says, adding that it’s even worse for those who are remanded in custody before they get to face a judge.

“When they finally get to court they are then released on time served, so they go out with no rehabilitation, no therapy, no one watching them, not on parole – just pissed off and poor, and they’re going to commit more crime.”

This is why, in his view, many young people who fall into a life of crime are just as much victims as those they offend against.

“If you get to know these people, they’ve all been offended against. Why the hell do you think people offend in this abhorrent way? Because it’s a learned behaviour.”? End quote.

Most people in prison have dozens of convictions way before they get locked up. These wombles think that prison is the start of their criminal behaviour. The reality is that it starts long before they get banged up.? Quote:

Mr Borrows acknowledges it’s an unexpected view to have as a former National Party MP. He says even as a cop, his views sometimes clashed with those of his peers.

“They thought I was a bit of an oddball.”

But the evidence doesn’t lie.

“Restorative justice works better than anything else, and yet if you promote it, you’re seen as being soft on crime.” End quote.

Banging up bastards in prison for a good, long time works too… it certainly keeps them off the streets. The death penalty would easily halve the prison population. Either that or a good length of sisal in each cell and a wobbly stool.

The voters want bad bastards locked up, not roaming free in society. The problem with wombles like Chester Borrows is they think these pricks just need a bit of a cuddle.

Labour are soft on crime and Chester Borrows is now their patsy. If Andrew Little thinks having a wet like Borrows will help peddle his ‘catch and release’ criminal-justice policies then he has another thing coming.