I am sure Phil will thank me one day

“Phenomenal” Phil Twyford, “Can he build it?”
Credit: Pixy

Phenomenal Phil, the builder of the world’s nation’s houses, has run into one or two difficulties with his ever-moving targets for completion of $650,000 “affordable” homes for rich folk earning $180,000 per year.

It was, originally, 10,000 in the first three years and is now 100,000 in 10 years with 1,000 in the first year and 1 by July, or something like that.

There have been a few practical issues along the way: not enough zoned land, not enough painters, not enough plasterers,?not enough plumbers,?not enough electricians,?not enough builders,?not enough drain layers, not enough concrete layers, not enough bricklayers and?not enough building supplies.

And, now, too many people applying for the very few houses that actually might get built.

“Phenomenal” Phil Twyford, “Can he build it?”?
Credit: Pixy

Although?all the experts and departmental advisors highlighted these issues, Phenomenal Phil (as he likes to think of himself) pushed on.

Bright ideas flooded into his otherwise empty cranium: flat-pack houses by the container load from Aussie; immigrant workers by the planeload from who knows where; squeezing 4,000 houses into a pocket handkerchief of ex-Unitec land. Nothing, but nothing, was going to derail Phenomenal Phil. (Sorry about the mixed portfolio metaphor?? that’s another fiasco altogether.)

Such enthusiasm is infectious so I scoured the interwebs for solutions to Phenomenal Phil’s problems and found this one.

3D-printed houses ? no bricklayers required! It is an Aussie company so they won’t be too disappointed about missing out on the flat-packs.

No charge for the idea, Phil?? well, maybe a royalty of $10 a house? That won’t add that much to the final cost and you will have saved more than that on the brickies’ wages.

If you think that looks a little theoretical and CAD generated, then there is a real working system available already…

Sincere apologies to all the fine bricklayers out there, but Phil was desperate to prove how phenomenal he really was.