‘I have to be honest, I’d never heard of him’: Part 2

Ray Avery and Helen Clark
Photo Supplied to Whaleoil

Yesterday we revealed that Helen Clark was a liar when she said that she’d never met Sir Ray Avery; she had, in fact, met him. She’s now claimed that her prodigious memory for facts and figures we’ve all been told about actually has a flaw. At the same time, via one of her proxies, she has accused me of fabricating the photo.??

My response to those accusations was posted on Twitter:

Of course, Helen Clark’s face looks nothing like her election billboards either, so it’s a bit rich of her to make the same complaint. In any case, for years we’ve been told about her prodigious abilities when it comes to policy and details, and now somehow we are expected to believe that she’s forgotten who Sir Ray Avery is, despite also standing on a stage as a keynote speaker with him in recent years.

She is, of course, lying, and here is more evidence to show that her claims she’d never heard of the man are quite simply false.

Sir Ray Avery and Helen Clark recently appeared in a promo video about The New Zealand Story.?It is a government initiative and the promo video was published on YouTube on 27 June 2018, just one month ago.

Both Sir Ray Avery and Helen Clark appear in the clip. All participants in the video and series had to sign a waiver and approval form agreeing to the content of the clip. Helen Clark would have viewed the video, and given her approval before it was published.

Moreover, Whaleoil has obtained an email from Glenda Fryer showing that Helen Clark was aware of the clip and that she refused to allow the clip to be part of the concert programme.

She states in her email that, “I have also discussed your proposal with Helen Clark who was unaware the video clip of her was being used in support of the concert.”

So, Helen Clark is aware she was in a video published just a month ago that included herself and Sir Ray Avery. Note the date of the email, 31 May, a month before the video was made public. SO Helen Clark definitely knew about the video; she also definitely knew about Sir Ray Avery. She’s been photographed with him, stood on a stage with him as a keynote speaker and corresponded with Glenda Fryer about him, yet she had the temerity to tell a bald-faced lie to Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB.

Helen Clark went after Jenny Shipley for forgetting she had dinner with Kevin Roberts. Now she expects a free pass because she can’t remember photo ops with Sir Ray Avery, joint keynote speeches with Sir Ray Avery and corresponding with people about Sir Ray Avery.

Helen Clark needs to start telling the truth about the manufactured outrage she’s been fomenting and her involvement with Newsroom too. There appears to be a symbiotic relationship between Clark and Newsroom with tweets, retweets and a continued smear campaign against a popular and effective Kiwi battler who just wants to save babies’ lives. It is shame Helen Clark doesn’t want to save babies’ lives, but that is another story coming soon as Whaleoil continues to investigate the murky and unethical behaviour of Helen Clark and media organisations.

The hashtag #crookedhelen might just start trending.