I wonder if Jacinda will follow in her mentor’s footsteps?

I wonder if Jacinda will follow in her mentor’s footsteps?

Helen Clark called West Coasters feral in 2002 after her government banned logging on the West Coast. Now we have another Labour government and Jacinda Ardern is being coached by Helen Clark.

Will she also call West Coasters feral after they marched en masse against the government over the weekend? Quote:

Thousands of West Coasters turned out for a massive protest today against what they say is the Government’s anti-mining stance.

The march coincided with the opening of a new $25 million Taramakau Bridge south of Greymouth.

But most who turned up were voicing anger over the Government’s reluctance to allow new mining on conservation land.? ?

Protesters were the first to set foot on the new bridge, many critical of the Conservation minister, and the West Coast MP Damien O’Connor not escaping the attacks.

But he says it’s premature to panic following the Government announcement that it won’t issue new mining permits on Department of Conservation land.

“It will always be part of our West Coast economy. Clearly the announcement in relation to conservation land is of concern to people. That’s why we’ve got to go through a very thorough process [about] what is a no-go area and what can be utilised,” Mr O’Connor said.

One-thousand trucks, representing hundreds of West Coast businesses, also protested.

“We’re not angry people, but they are concerned and they won’t lay down for this. As you can see today, people are standing up for their rights,” said Peter Haddock, rally organiser. End quote.

The government announcement that they will look at a little train set for the West Coast as a sop to them?has fallen flat.

Unfortunately, the West Coast has a nasty habit, like Maori, of only voting red. In many respects they get what they deserve.