If Mohammad was alive today the MSM would say that he had a mental illness

Banu Qurayza was the last Jewish tribe remaining in Medina. On a false pretext, Muhammad besieged their fortress for 25 days until they surrendered. Then he approved and oversaw the beheading of 600 to 900 men in the market square of Medina. The women and children were pressed into slavery. The entire tribe was exterminated.

It is commonplace now in the mainstream media after an Islamic terrorist attack in the West to automatically describe the jihadist as mentally ill.

[…] in the latest terror attack in?Toronto, police stated the shooter Faisal Hussein struggled with mental illness. They say this?because they believe it to be true. They believe it to be true since law enforcement only uses Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia-compliant trainers to teach about jihad and Islam.[…]

Islamic jihadists are imitating the ‘ perfect man’ Mohammad so I can only conclude that if the prophet Mohammad was here today, doing now what he did in his time then he too would be described by the mainstream media as being mentally ill.

Muhammad and his followers attacked the rich Jewish town of Khaybar 100 miles north of Medina. Muhammad captured the chief Kinana?s wife Safiya and killed 90 male defenders, including her husband. That night he raped her as a slave, as she refused to convert to Islam and marry him. Muhammad had numerous slaves and concubines.

Are all jihadists crazy???No.?If law enforcement officers were trained on the source doctrine of Koran and Sunna of Mohammed (the Sira and Hadith), they would know that Mohammed committed 95?acts of jihad in the last 9 years of his life.?

After the attack on the Jewish oasis of Khaybar in 628, Muhammad ordered a fire lit on the clan?s chief Kinana?s chest to get him to divulge the location of hidden gold. When he was almost dead, Muhammed delivered him to Muhammad bin Maslama so he could cut off his head.

They would know that Allah hates the Kafir (non-Muslim). They would know that Allah says over and over?to imitate Mohammed down to the very last detail. They would know that to know Islam you must?know Mohammed.?They would know that everything Islamic State does, Mohammed did himself. They would know that the purpose of violent jihad is to help spread Islam by fear. But they don’t know. So, when the police blame?mental illness for jihad, it is a peculiar way of saying that a Muslim?who is devout and follows?the Sunna of Mohammed has a mental illness.

Asma bint Marwan wrote a poem criticizing Muhammad, saying to her people, ?You obey a stranger who is none of yours. . .Do you expect good from him after the killing of your chiefs?? On hearing this, Muhammad asked, ?Who will rid me of Marwan?s daughter?? Umayr went to her house that very night and ran a sword through her while she was in bed nursing her baby. She had five sons.

The problem is not Islam, but the denial of Islamic doctrine as a motivation for murder by the apologists, elites and the Left. They are the problem.

-Dr Bill Warner

Muhammad?s adopted son, Zayd b. Haritha, was one of his most trusted warriors. On his raid of the Banu Fazara tribe, Zayd was wounded and some of the raiders were killed. When Zayd recovered, Muhammad sent him back with a larger force to take revenge. This time they captured the very old wife of Malik ? Umm Qirfa. They killed her by tying her between two camels and ripping her in two.