If Sydney can’t organise light rail how on Earth will Phil Goff?

The Daily Mail reports on the disaster of Sydney’s light rail project: Quote:

The ongoing construction of Sydney’s light rail network has reportedly cost business owners millions of dollars in losses, as well as causing them?depression?and prompting suicidal thoughts.

More than 100 businesses around the construction zone have been affected by the disastrous project, with shop owners claiming the disruption is responsible for combined losses of at least $155million.

That includes dozens of businesses in the inner-city suburbs of Surry Hills, Haymarket and Randwick located both on and around the route,?The Saturday Telegraph?reports, many of which have been forced to close their doors.? ?

Some 900 businesses in close proximity to the route have reported a loss of earnings, as revealed in data collected by Small Business Party founder Angela Vithoulkas.

A staggering 89 per cent of those business owners further declared that they were experiencing physical or mental health issues as a result.

Other business owners told the NSW parliamentary inquiry into light rail that they were experiencing?depression and suicidal thoughts, with one telling of ‘severe migraines due to constant financial pressure’.

Another blames a near-marital breakdown on ‘the financial strain that has been the Sydney light rail project’.

Ms Vithoulkas is now preparing to launch a class action against the government over the calamitous project. End quote.

This will be coming soon to Dominion Road and everywhere else the route flows. If Sydney can’t manage it with their population then how the hell will Phil Goff’s Auckland??Quote:

The NSW Government has accused Spanish construction company Acciona of being behind schedule on the $2.1 billion project, which is running a full year late.

Stretching from Circular Quay to Randwick, the government has been told the line – construction of which began in late 2015 -? will not be operational until March 2020.

Mr Constance previously noted that the 12km network is over budget and should have already been finished.

Acciona is suing the NSW government for $1.2billion, claiming they misrepresented the risks about dealing with utilities.?End quote.

I predict now that the same thing will happen here. All the luvvies waxing lyrical about light rail to the airport and now to other suburbs will soon loathe the massive disruption and congestion that will be the result of construction of their wet dream.