I’m holding out for a political hero

I am not the only person searching for a political hero right now as New Zealanders’ right to free speech is shut down by the combined efforts of

ACT leader David Seymour’s reaction to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s above Tweet was this: Quote:

A few people have asked me about this, so here are a few thoughts. To borrow a Canadian expression, these two are nuttier than squirrel poo, and I don’t really want to pay council rates to give them a venue.

However, if I am going to have to fund venues for political speeches, then I don’t want the council censoring what is said at those venues according to the political fashion of the day. I want to fund venues that host an open contest of ideas without political censorship.

It would be different if the pair were actively inciting violence, but so far as I can tell they are not. A free society needs provocative people even if not many people agree with them, so?Phil Goff?got this wrong. They should be allowed to speak at the Bruce Mason Centre. End quote.

Was that a strong stand in support of free speech?

Please share in the comments the details of the reactions of any other politicians from any other?political party who came out in support of ‘free speech’ and against the actions of Auckland Mayor Phil ‘I’m a fascist’ Goff.

I am holding out for a political hero.

Can you find one?