Interesting use of colour by NIWA

Is it just me, or does the use of colour in the design of NIWA’s monthly climate summary for New Zealand seem designed to send a particular message regardless of the result?

Every month we get this intense red in the area of the graphic used to report the average temperature for the month.

Often the average temperature for the month is above the 1981?2010 average but they don’t say what it is compared to the prior year or compared to a more recent average. This means it is impossible to get an indication of how the average temperature is trending, compared to recent years, by looking at the graphic.

For June 2018 the average temperature was right on the 1981?2010 average. We were told temperatures were cooler than average for the southern South Island but then we have, “However temperatures were above average for much of the North Island.” Well fancy that?? there was variability in temperatures across the country and some places were still warmer than average. The more detailed commentary not in the graphic mentions the southern North Island also recorded below normal temperatures for the month?? so I was right in thinking it was a cold June in Wellington after all.