Irish paper calls out BDS bigots

Thomas Sowell described in Intellectuals and Race how the “Progressive” movement of the early 20th Century were unabashed racists. As well as blacks and Asians, Jews were one of their biggest bugaboos. In the 1920s the president of Harvard explicitly wrote of preventing a ?dangerous increase? in the number of Jewish students.

100 years later the left is still just as anti-Jewish. They?ve just learned to be more circumspect. The ?Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions? (BDS) movement is the polite face of modern ?Progressive? Jew-hating.

Proving that not all mainstream media is a lost cause, one of Ireland?s leading newspapers is calling them out on their bullshit. Quote:

Eurovision Song Contest: Sound of hypocrisy in boycott call. End of quote.

The Irish Examiner writes that there is no?shortage of reasons to avoid Eurovision. The music is awful. The voting is choked with political and ethnic rivalry. Quote:

[But] the brigade of ?celebrities and public figures? assembled by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign to call for a boycott of next year?s show cite none of these thoroughly legitimate complaints. End of quote.

Anyone choosing not to assault their senses with a drag queen singing some dreadful tat dreamed up by a music-by-committee is at least sensible. The BDS campaigners are just anti-Israel bigots. Quote:

[The BDS movement] which?attracts support in the main from Left-leaning parties and lobby groups, promotes the vilification ? with one-sided and insulting cant ? of the state of Israel and contributes nothing to the achievement of a lasting two-state solution that guarantees Israel?s security and establishes a successful, neighbouring homeland for Palestinians. End of quote.

BDS is not only useless (consider how little such self-righteous posing by celebrities really contributed to the dismantling of Apartheid), but: Quote:

Israel?s government?lest it be conveniently overlooked, represents the region?s only democracy and whose highest priority is the protection of its citizens from those whose wish is to wipe the country off the map.

Also conveniently overlooked is the opinion of the president of the Palestinian Authority, who thinks that the products of Israeli settlements should be boycotted, but also added: ?No, we do not support the boycott of Israel.? End of quote.

What is even more insanely hypocritical of BDS is that it is so often led by the very people whose rights, indeed their very existence, are protected in the Middle East by Israel alone. Quote:

There is in this campaign, endorsed in Ireland by notable gay and feminist activists, the refrain of hypocrisy?We look forward to reporting its demands for an international boycott of, say, Saudi Arabia or Iran where, when we last looked, gay and feminist activists would not be tolerated. End of quote.

Don?t hold your breath, fellas.

And as Australian comedian Sandy ?Austen Tayshus? Gutman has said, it seems odd that the left obsess over Israel while ignoring the shocking human rights records of so many other states. Quote:

Can we look forward to calls to cut off all cultural, academic and economic ties with, say, China, with its more than somewhat appalling lack of interest in human rights?

We suspect not. End of quote.

Neither do we. If hypocrisy was an alternative energy source, the modern left would have the world humming along like a dynamo.