Is the propaganda working?

Almost every news bulletin features a doom and gloom climate story. If it rains, floods, snows, blows, droughts or scorches it is ‘climate change’.

With such a daily diet, is it surprising that a poll discovers “the vast majority of those polled expected to see frequent and extreme storms, more droughts, inundated coastlines from sea level rise and extinctions of plant and animal species.”?

Not at all, the barrage of propaganda appears to be working.

A ‘science’ reporter tells us all about it in a newspaper. Quote.

Kiwis overwhelmingly think New Zealand should take action on climate change even if other nations don’t – and few believe humanity will do what’s needed to escape the worst impacts.? End Quote.

Hold it right there.? I could not locate the raw survey data on line but I did find this video about the survey.? The first statistic said quite a lot about the bias here.

The 72% number is on the screen for 4 seconds, plenty of time to read and absorb the message. The 10% number flashes on and off in less than one second.? Why is that?

Perhaps the message that 90% of New Zealanders do NOT put ‘climate change’ at number one, two or three in their top concerns is an ‘off message’ statistic?? So let’s flip it and make it a 10% number so it is much lower on the indicator and let’s flash it on and off so fast that no one will notice.

Oh, and why is the indicator a thermometer with red colouring and ‘rising temperatures’?? Surely they are not subtly brainwashing the masses? quote.

That’s been indicated by a new survey one leading climate scientist says is a blunt message that people want leadership on the issue.

The Ipsos poll, commissioned by the country’s largest general insurer, IAG, was carried out between June 15 and 22, soon after the Government put forward the options it was considering for its proposed Zero Carbon Bill.

It found the vast majority of those polled expected to see frequent and extreme storms, more droughts, inundated coastlines from sea level rise and extinctions of plant and animal species.

Around three quarters agreed we’d need to rethink land use, that some people would need to move from where they currently lived, and that we’d need to support those who were worst affected.

While 84 per cent thought humanity could lessen the impact of climate change, more than half weren’t sure whether we would – and just one in 10 thought mankind would take the appropriate action.

In fact, more – 14 per cent – expressed certainty that the world would fail. Quote.

Blah blah blah, so on and so forth. No doubt IAG will use this survey to justify higher premiums.

I would love to see the questions that were put to the 1000 respondents. I may be wrong but I wonder if they were like this question put to the SuperGold card holders?

The “As a turkey, do you vote for Christmas? Yes/No”, type question.

On cue, Prof Renwick, the ‘climate change’ disciple is rolled out: Quote.

Victoria University climate scientist Professor James Renwick noted the most important issues for those surveyed concerned issues like housing, healthcare, the cost of living and employment.

“This makes sense, as we are all concerned about our own families, about having a roof over our heads, having healthcare needs met and being able to pay the bills,” he said.

“But, the day-to-day issues aside, climate change is clearly seen as important, and there seems to be a strong understanding of the impacts and the need for action.”

That need was all the more pressing with some projections showing the world could blow out the Paris Agreement’s aspiration of limiting future warming to within another 1.5C in just a decade – and cross the accord’s ultimate goal of another 2C of warming within 20 years.?End Quote.

The models say… this might happen … maybe sometime … yadda, yadda. Quote.

Renwick felt the overwhelming pessimism around taking the necessary action was “a telling commentary” on the decades of inaction seen since the issue came to prominence over 30 years ago.End Quote.

Possibly because every prediction in the intervening 30 years has failed spectacularly? Just a hunch. Quote.

“But, most New Zealanders understand that we need leadership from both Government and the business sector, something we are beginning to see in this country.”

“It’s really impressive that most people feel we need to meet or exceed our commitments to becoming carbon neutral, that we need to start now, and that we should press on regardless of what’s happening in other countries.

“The results of this survey are saying that New Zealanders want leadership on climate change, and expect this country to show leadership internationally.” End?Quote.

Then there was some more subtle messaging with the numbers and circle sizes. The survey said 90% of the respondents DO NOT think we will reduce climate change while 84% think we can?? We could if we wanted to but we are not going to bother?

Oh dear, off message again, better roll out a crying polar bear …