It has all happened before

‘People who have earned ‘maturity’ have experienced many of the vagaries of life. Those of us who have gain maturity over the years seek critically analysed truth rather than adhere to the peer pressures of groupthink.

I did not attend university, as in my youth to qualify for university one needed a Bursary scholarship or to have wealth relative to the entrance qualifications. My endeavour for knowledge has been left to my natural inquisitive nature, critical thinking and research throughout my life.

It is now much easier to attain a university education, however, the young people of today and in most recent generations apparently look less favourably on the study of history as a qualification, or are easily encouraged to avoid history as a subject.

In my humble opinion, one of the reasons for students not enrolling in history is psychological. It is easy for we ‘matures’ to perceive and comprehend, from an affinity of going through similar stages in our lives.

If one is ‘young’ and ‘progressive’,’ revolutionary’ and view themselves as ‘correct’ (contrary to the old who are stupid and reactionary),? the exploration of history would be a no-go zone.

David Hogg

Wonderful history, where you will learn your young attitude is perennial, being integral to a permanent societal process. Heaven forbid reading anything that?upsets and contradicts your view of yourself as a gloriously new and amazing phenomenon, whose ideas are original, in fact just created, an illusion that these ideas come from you, or at least by someone you revere, a new, exciting and ‘unsullied magnificence’ destined to change the world!

If I sound sarcastic it is because I am laughing at myself going through a similar phase within my own life, at that time I was immature.

Unfortunately, communists and socialists who live among us, including some who hold the seats of local and federal government, believe that the democratic system we live in is evil, that capitalism has failed and businessmen (like me) are wicked and that a total change is needed to find a way out. However, after the socialists do their worse ultimately poor economics breeds tyranny.

Venezuelan socialism. It was a prosperous country, now its people are forced to eat rabbits.

It is a religious zeal that the ?glorious leader of ignorance? is to be celebrated and the youth are unwittingly and in ignorance carried along. It is evident today as we see the hate, aggravated protests, vandalism and free speech suppression of people and groups who love democracy and freedom.

‘You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ some glorious leaders might say. We know that history has shown that millions upon millions of people died in communist revolutions in the USSR and China whose regimes ultimately failed.

Communism has failed, and when the rug is pulled out from underneath them, they search frantically, perhaps without acknowledging it, for a replacement dogma. Some have already found a home by opening their borders to fanatical, political Islam manifesting Shariah law.

We know why socialist academics won’t promote history studies. Neo-Marxists can propagate their philosophical dogma without being challenged by historical comparisons. An indoctrination of the ignorant against the young and self-deluded is dangerous to democracy.

We now live in a technically remarkable age. The changes I have seen in my lifetime are amazing. My tiny mind cannot conceive a future where so much change will again happen within such a short time frame. But who knows what can happen?

I do believe that the people who come after us will be astounded that we accumulated so much knowledge about our behaviour, but on the other side made no attempt at all to use that knowledge to improve our lives. That is if in the future they still possess the freedom and historical knowledge to enable any debate at all?


by Max Sky

‘Retired from business, not from life’.