It isn’t Wally’s comments that irk me, it’s his racism and political connections

Much is being made of a few comments by Wally Haumaha in support of his mates who were found not guilty. They are small beer when you consider the implications of his political connections and his casual racism that has crept into police policy.

The political connections weren’t that obvious, but Wally Haumaha was a NZ First candidate in 2005, that was until his wife was convicted of defrauding her employer of tens of thousands of dollars. Now we have seen a NZ First minister appointed to the inquiry into his appointment. Inquiries must be seen to be independent. Indeed, they must be like Caesar’s wife. Having a highly political activist like?Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin involved in the inquiry removes any perception that the inquiry is above board. In fact, it does the opposite since the appropriate minister is the State Services Minister, as they ran the appointment process in the first place. Tracey Martin has some form when it comes to threats and political interference. Her appointment does not fill me with any confidence that this isn’t a political stitch-up.??

Then there is Wally Haumaha’s casual racism that is seeping into police policy. In 2015 it was Wally Haumaha who issued instructions for police in Counties Manukau to ignore the law and allow all Maori drivers caught without a licence or in breach of their conditions to be referred for training and to not be given a ticket. Pacific Islanders didn’t get a look in?? just Maori. Neither did poor Europeans, or, indeed, any other race: Quote:

Unlicensed Maori drivers caught behind the wheel in South Auckland are getting the chance to avoid a $400 fine.

Police are defending the move, saying it’s part of their goal to reduce Maori offending and that it’s crucial and it’s working. End quote.

They are reducing offending by not prosecuting them. You could reduce murder the same way??? just don’t charge them. Quote:

Documents leaked to ONE News show the “guidelines” police in South Auckland say they’ve been enforcing since last year.

The paperwork spells out that all Maori drivers caught without a licence or in breach of their conditions are to be referred for training and not given a ticket.

“We then refer them to the panel and the panel looks at a whole range of issues that’s caused that person to drive without a licence or why that person hasn’t had a licence, and then provides some support,” says Superintendent Wally Haumaha of Police National Headquarters.

If after that Iwi and community support the driver has not complied within two months, a $400 ticket is then issued.

It’s a small part of what is a nationwide wide programme, Turning of the Tide, aimed at reducing Maori offending. And police say they have the discretion to do the same for non-Maori drivers, but that’s not spelt in the document.

Superintendent Haumaha says it’s not an issue based on race. “It’s based on the fact that they are a significant part of the problem so we’re working with the problem.”

Asked how can it not be based on race he says: “Well it just happens to be that more Maori drivers are unlicensed. So if they’re unlicensed, we want to know why.”

So how do police determine if a driver is in fact Maori? Police whom ONE News has spoken to in South Auckland say they find this confusing and they have not been with singling out Maori in the first place. They say they’ve raised concerns with their bosses but have been told it’s a new policy and they have to get used to it.

If that upsets a few people who don’t want to do that then that’s their conscience to examine,” says Superintendent Haumaha. End quote.

So, Wally Haumaha instituted a race-based policing policy that let Maori offenders off the hook. And, when confronted with the issue, he basically said, ‘Too bad, suck it up.’

I’m not sure I want an assistant police commissioner with such racist attitudes towards other citizens, who are being prosecuted and fined while Maori get off scot-free.

These two issues are far more serious than some historic comments made in the context of a trial where they were found NOT GUILTY.

With the close political connections to NZ First and his casual racism, preferring one race over others, those are the things that should preclude him from taking up his role as assistant commissioner, not historic comments that have upset one person and a band of Twitter vigilantes.