Jacinda leading by example?

The Australian reports on a UK study: Quote.

Tesla electric cars no cleaner than petrol rivals, UK analysis shows

Tesla electric cars, marketed as being among the planet?s greenest vehicles, may be behind the production of just as much greenhouse gas as their petrol and diesel equivalents, according to energy analysts.

They have calculated the amount of greenhouse gas generated in building Tesla?s luxury cars and added this to the CO2 from the power stations that produce electricity to charge them. This was compared with the emissions from making and running normal cars.

?Teslas are not cleaner to run than the average car in the UK,? said Jonathan Harris, of Engaged Tracking, a London-based company that analyses the sustainability and ?greenness? of firms for potential investors.

?The annual emissions of a UK car is 1.5 tons of CO2, based on an average of 7800 miles (12,550km) a year. Both the Tesla Model S vehicles we analysed have the same emissions (as an ordinary petrol car) of 1.5 tons of CO2 per year.?

Such issues affect all battery-powered cars, not just Teslas, because they are charged with electricity generated in Britain?s power stations. Half of UK power comes from coal and gas.

The issue is amplified by the inefficiencies of power generation: only a third of the energy consumed is converted to electricity, with the rest becoming waste heat. Even more energy is lost in transmission lines and in the complex circuitry used to charge electric cars.

Tesla cars? performance is worse than that of many other electric vehicles because they are larger.

?BMW?s i3 electric vehicle (a smaller model) has annual emissions of 1.3 tons of CO2 – 15 per cent more efficient than Tesla?s Model S,? said Harris.[…] End of quote.

Clearly, all the statistics do not apply here in New Zealand where around 85% of our electricity is hydro or geothermal.

However, once we all join the green utopia and follow our glorious leader’s example with our electric vehicles, the current generation capacity will be insufficient and, with nuclear a no-go, we will have to bring coal on stream.

Remember we are not allowed to find or use gas!

How will you charge your Tesla then, Jacinda?