Kiwi ‘dickhead’ rags Aussie ‘Muzzies’

Caption: Kiwi preacher Logan Robertson waves a friendly hello at some local Muslims in Brisbane

As previously reported on Whaleoil, Westcity Baptist Church pastor Logan Robertson is a whacker, and that?s putting it charitably. Now he?s gone and made trouble here in Oz, and is getting kicked out of the country.

More than just another example of a Kiwi ratbag making trouble in our wonderful country, Robertson’s case also exposes a fault line of hypocrisy and cowardice, both from Muslims and from the increasingly dhimmified Australian authorities. Quote:

A self-styled Christian Baptist pastor from New Zealand accused of harassing worshippers at two Brisbane mosques earlier this week has had his visa cancelled and is facing deportation.

New Zealand national Logan Robertson, 31, and two others were charged on Friday after allegedly abusing community members at the Kuraby and Darra mosques on Wednesday and Thursday. End of quote.

Free speech is one thing. If Robertson wants to preach hatey sermons in his own church, well, nobody has to like it, but unless he was directly inciting violence that was likely to be carried out, then it?s free speech. Like it or not. Barging into someone else?s property and getting up in their faces is another matter entirely. Quote:

On Wednesday a group of up to six men including Mr Robertson were accused of entering the Kuraby mosque and harassing worshippers, including teenage boys, in the lead-up to 1:00pm prayers.

A teenage boy was allegedly verbally abused and called a terrorist.

The following day, there were heated scenes outside the Darra mosque, when activists from the Pillar Baptist Church confronted Islamic leaders. End of quote.

This sort of behaviour is inexcusable, but the reaction by authorities raises more than a few questions. Border Force moved with astonishing swiftness to arrest and deport Robertson. One might contrast this with the treatment of other criminals.

An African immigrant who carried out a series of violent armed robberies in Melbourne remains in Australia. An Indonesian immigrant who murdered his pregnant partner was jailed and deported, but the Australian Human Rights Commission demanded that he get $350 000 ?compensation?. Iranian refugee Man Monis was allowed to stay in Australia despite his criminal record of violence and sexual assault. Then he launched a murderous Islamic-state-inspired siege in Sydney. Pakistani immigrants who perpetrated an appalling series of gang rapes are likely to be allowed to stay after they are released from prison soon.

There seems to be a definite double standard here. Violent criminals and jihadis are allowed to stay. A dickhead preacher who makes a nuisance of himself is thrown straight in the clink and then quickly booted out of the country. Quote:

Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Peter Dutton said, “Our country obviously embraces free speech but we don’t tolerate hate speech and we don’t tolerate people who are going to harass those people going about their business at a place of worship.” End of quote.

Dutton is only half right. Yes, harassing people at their place of worship shouldn?t be tolerated. But it?s not ?obvious? that Australian embraces free speech. Australians have no legal right to free speech, and dissembling about hate speech isn?t embracing free speech at all. They?re only allowing speech that they like.

We also get treated to the usual self-serving whinging from Islamic leaders. Quote:

Mr Kadri said there was still panic within the Muslim community and that extra security measures would still be put in place. End of quote.

Some context here. There is a history of extremism and terror associated with Kuraby, the suburb that?s the largest Muslim enclave in Brisbane. In 2014 anti-terror raids were made on an Islamic centre and homes there, in connection with a plot to stage a public execution. Only recently Za’id Abdus Samad from Kuraby was arrested on terrorism and murder charges. If Brisbane?s Muslims are panicking just because some Kiwi loudmouth made a dickhead of himself, perhaps they might consider that Brisbane?s non-Muslims have some good reasons to feel just a teensy bit antsy in their turn.

Logan Robertson seems every inch an odious sort of character who excels at making a public tool of himself. But, tools like him can still teach us some important lessons about what it is to live in an open society.

Firstly, they teach us some harsh lessons in what freedom of speech really means. It?s all very easy to talk about freedom of speech when it comes to people who say things we like, but the rubber really hits the road when it comes to hateful idiots who spout stuff we really don?t like. Noam Chomsky was right for once when he said, “If you’re really in favour of free speech, then you’re in favour of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise.” End of quote.

Even when idiots like Robertson cross the line from speech into bona-fide harassment, the treatment meted out to them tells us a great deal about who really wields power in our society. When Muslims can march through the streets of Australia?s capital cities proclaiming “Behead those who insult the Prophet” without reprisal, but a shouty Kiwi Baptist gets nicked and deported in record time, the lesson is plain for all to see.