Kiwis behaving badly

There has been a fair amount of dissent between senior politicians on both sides of the Tasman on the issues of deportation, human rights, and regional security, apparently to the point where our relationship with the Aussies is under threat. Quote.

“Two senior New Zealand ministers have taken a brickbat to Australia, calling the politics of deportations “venal” and warning the issue is straining relations between the two countries.” End of quote.

Actually, the dissent comes from our side of the Tasman, the Aussies are carrying on regardless.

The Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) 30-minute programme: Don’t Call Australia Home! hosted by ex-Wallaby, Peter FitzSimons claimed that quote:

Australia is detaining, cuffing and deporting more New Zealanders than any other group.” End of quote.

There are more Kiwis in Australia than any other group, given we are their second closest neighbour after Papua New Guinea. But now we are squealing because we think the Aussies are targeting Kiwis in their cracking down on crime.

Patched members of the Comanchero gang from Australia have set up a chapter in New Zealand. Photo / Instagram.

The Aussies are treating Kiwi gang members as badly behaved second cousins. More kudos to them for having the balls to be tough on crime. They cunningly changed their laws to evict, without trial, anyone they deem to be of “bad character” which includes, in some states, associating with gangs.

Kiwis sent home from an Australia jail can appeal, but less than 40% of appeals have been successful. It’s called strong leadership, a term unfamiliar to this government.

We could do with it here if and when we get fed up with undesirable gang members or badly behaved migrants. You have to admire the Aussies for acting first and talking later, but they are further down the immigration track than we are.

Australia deported 1,300 Kiwis in the last three years while we sent only nine Australians back home in the same period.

Three of our senior government officials have weighed in on the issue, all but begging the Aussies for leniency.

Andrew Little said: quote:

“Many [New Zealanders] are being sent back here with no real connections, no real networks, no real support,” New Zealand Justice Minister Andrew Little said.” End of quote.?

Little is talking about Australian born Kiwis who have not bothered to get Australian citizenship, and whose family support is in Australia.? They have fallen foul of either the Australian law or the character test that captures people with gang associations. They don’t want to come to New Zealand, and probably none of us wants them here either, but they have been caught by the Aussies in clean-up mode. Little goes on to say: quote

“Look, it might suit Aussie politics, and it seems to me that there is a venal, political strain to all this.

“It’s certainly not consistent with any humanitarian ideals that I thought both countries once shared.” End of quote.

Humanitarian for who exactly? The criminals or the law-abiding Aussies their government is trying to protect?

The Australian response was, understandably, to tell Little to get lost.

Andrew, that’s a fail.

Winnie was also unsuccessful, asking for quote:

“Zealanders to get the same treatment an Aussie would get if they were being charged with an offence. That is a trial, before you’re booted off shore,” he said.

Geopolitically, he makes no bones about what he sees as a strain on relations at a particularly crucial time.

There has never been a time since 1945 that our two countries [have] needed each other more,” he said.” End of quote.

No Winnie, you got that wrong because Australia does not need us at all, and they simply don’t care, which is why they are packing Kiwi bottom feeders, even those born in Australia, back to New Zealand. They changed their law precisely to deport without trial.? If they identify a threat they make no bones about the fact that they will act first and talk later.

Winnie, that’s a fail.

When Jacinda Ardern met with Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull back in March she said: quote

“What we are seeking is to put an end to some of those cases where, from our perspective, it makes no sense for someone who has never stepped foot in New Zealand to be deported here [to New Zealand]”. End of quote.

Ah, but it does make sense Jacinda, when you’re cleaning up your own backyard you first remove the rubbish.

Turnbull can be applauded for looking out for his mentally challenged second cousins last year when he rejected Ardern’s offer for New Zealand to take 150 Manus Island refugees. This time around he had his own country’s interests at heart when he predictably and firmly said, quote:

“It is our sovereign right to determine whether and in what circumstances non-citizens can remain within our borders and within yours in New Zealand.” End quote.

Jacinda, that’s a fail.

The score in this dispute is Australia three, New Zealand nil.