Labour bring in ‘gender intelligence’ consultants

HAGEN HOPKINS Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been elevated to a feminist icon since giving birth in office

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been elevated to a feminist icon since giving birth in office. Did you read that?

So, no one else has ever given birth in their lives??Stuff?reports: quote:

The Labour Party is polishing?its image once again, with what it is?calling a “brand check-up”. End quote.

A feminist brand check-up. Quote:

The party has brought in Double Denim ? a Wellington-based consultancy that claims it?”can turn online buzz into real-world results” to shake up its image.

The company?was behind the Green party’s?election marketing strategy ? “Great Greens” ??which had to be dumped after the resignation of?Metiria?Turei. End quote.

Well, that went well, didn’t it? Nothing like using the best in the field. Quote:

The?firm markets itself as a “gender intelligence” consultancy. “Understanding, celebrating and engaging women sits at the core of our skill and motivation,” its website?tells potential customers. End quote.

Gender intelligence. What exactly does that mean? It implies that it has some special insight into gender issues, which I strongly doubt. Women know what it is like to be women. Men know what it is like to be men. Am I missing something here? Quote:

A Labour?insider said the overhaul had nothing to do with boosting the female vote.?Instead, the party wants to revamp its internal communications, which are inconsistent.?Newsletters, internal email and correspondence often came in odd fonts, with squashed logos and as clumsy attachments. End quote.

Okay, so it is nothing to do with feminism. It is all to do with the conflict between Verdana and Times New Roman. Quote:

MPs?and key staff have already participated in workshops run by Double Denim. The insider said the cost of the refresh was “pretty inexpensive.”

Double Denim claims it?”can turn online buzz into real-world results” to shake up its image. End quote.

How many times have you been promised garbage like this? Business coaches? People promising websites that have that special edge? Even Google selling advertising that promises that you?? and 350 other similar businesses?? will all appear on the front page of Google ads? It never works, and it won’t this time either. Quote:

Official?studies?breaking down how women voted in September’s election are still some way off ? but one pollster told Stuff?that an exit poll showed National had done slightly better with women on election night, but that gap has?since narrowed.

That’s likely down to Ardern’s?pregnancy, giving birth?in office and her elevation to feminist icon. End quote.

She is not a feminist icon.?She was thrust into a position she didn’t want by a bitter old man bearing a grudge. She found out she was pregnant. How many feminist icons go on?maternity leave almost immediately after taking on a tough job?

I have had a lot of experience with consultants over the years. Many of them are a total waste of money and some are actually dangerous, but they are all expensive. And here we go again, with the government spending taxpayers’ money on something that will add no value whatsoever.

The Great Greens slogan makes me smile, though, since it was dropped like a lead balloon once they turned out to be Great Deceivers. I wonder what the slogan for the government will be? How about Misleading Labour?