Labour do not care about babies

The NZ Herald?reports that planning delays may cause Ray Avery’s charity concert to be abandoned because he has a deadline in August to confirm the headline act. Quote:

LifePod incubator inventor Sir Ray Avery says planning delays could scuttle his planned?charity concert?at Eden Park because he has been given a “drop-dead” August deadline to confirm the headline star.

He said the unnamed international star’s promoter needs to confirm the venue by the end of August, but the Environment Court is not expected to rule until October on objections to a resource consent to allow the night-time event at Eden Park on Waitangi Day next year.

National MP Paul Goldsmith has urged the Government to “knock some heads together” to avoid the need to go to the Environment Court. end quote.

In a country like New Zealand, if we cannot organise a charity concert to raise money for incubator pods for babies, then we should be completely ashamed of ourselves. Particularly as the vast majority of Aucklanders, including many who live close to Eden Park, are in favour of it.

But not all Aucklanders are in favour of it, as we know. Here is one who has thrown all of her toys out of the cot because she doesn’t want the concert to go ahead.

Digital image credit: Pixy

Unfortunately, she has been backed up by her protegee and new mother, the current prime minister. Quote:

But a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suggested Avery should look at other possible venues.

“The Prime Minister is really supportive of the cause and what the concert is trying to achieve,” she said.

“While it isn’t a Government issue, she does note there are other local concert venues and is sure a solution could be found.” End quote.

In other words, don’t upset Aunty Helen.

If she was “really supportive of the cause and what the concert is trying to achieve,” then she would respect the fact that a lot of time, effort and money have already gone into organising this concert, and that is money down the drain if they have to relocate. Or, put it another way, that is money that could have been used to fund pods for premature babies and won’t be available if the concert has to be relocated.

But, don’t upset Aunty Helen. Quote:

Avery said the international star would probably still come to New Zealand if the Eden Park event collapsed, but his charity would not get any of the proceeds if the star’s concert moved to Mt Smart Stadium where concerts are permitted.

Mt Smart’s capacity of 30,000 fans is only half Eden Park’s 60,000. End quote.

In other words, moving the concert will only raise half of the money.

This is a disgrace. Jacinda Ardern has just given birth, with the help of the best medical treatment available in the country. Once you have been through the process, you think about how many things could have gone wrong, and you thank your lucky stars that everything was okay.

When it was me, I was thankful mainly for two things. The first was that I was not living even 50 years ago, or more. The other was that I don’t live in a third-world country.

I’m sure some of these things went through Jacinda’s mind as well, but she must have had amnesia fairly quickly, as those pods will help babies in third-world countries, and yet she has not come out and said so, which is a surprise.

It is because she doesn’t want to upset Aunty Helen?

Of course, it is worth pointing out that, as head of the United Nations Development Programme and doing work in third world countries, Helen Clark will have seen for herself the problems with infant mortality and the huge difference these pods will make to premature babies.

So neither Helen Clark nor Jacinda Ardern has any excuse for not doing everything in their power to make sure this concert goes ahead with as few problems as possible.

But what is it they say? Scratch a socialist, find a hypocrite.