Lauren Southern is a victim of racism and fascism

Caption: Jeez, will you look at that racist?

When Islamo-foghorn Yassmin Abdel-Magied was turned back from the United States because she attempted to enter under the wrong visa, she screeched that it was because of racism and ?white privilege?. When author Mem Fox was denied entry for the same reason, she sobbed and wailed about how she ?loathed America.?Because of fascism or something.

Well, now it looks like Canadian journalist Lauren Southern is the victim of racism and fascism, too. And Donald Trump, probably. Quote:

A controversial alt-right Canadian journalist and YouTube star whose visa was ?rejected? ahead of an Australian speaking tour had applied for the wrong visa, immigration officials say, and is now waiting on approval for the correct visa. End of quote.

It goes without saying that the mainstream media try and slant this story by straight-up lying about its subject. Whatever Lauren Southern maybe, she is not ?alt-right?. Alt-righters are adamant in their goal of white ethnostates. Actual alt-righters despise Lauren Southern for being a ?coal-burner? (a racist term for white women who date black men) with a ?mulatto? boyfriend. Lauren Southern fiercely defends free speech. Alt-right doyens like Richard Spencer openly state that the alt-right is opposed to free speech. Quote:

Lauren Southern, an outspoken critic of illegal immigration, Islam and elements of the LGBTI community. End of quote.

They say that like criticising foreigners breaking the law, Islamic supremacists and viciously intolerant trans-activists is a bad thing. Quote:

Ms Southern, however, found out last week her Electronic Travel Authority visa had been denied by the Australian High Commission, as she was ?not eligible for the service?. End of quote.

Denied entry for having the wrong visa? Racism! Fascism! Or does that only work for leftists and Islamic supremacists?

But it seems the Department of Home Affairs is speaking with a forked tongue. Quote:

A spokeswoman for the Department of Home Affairs today said her application being refused had nothing to do with her views. End of quote.

But ? Quote:

?For visitors who may hold controversial views, any risk they may pose will be balanced against Australia?s well-established freedom of speech and freedom of beliefs, among other relevant considerations. End of quote.

Well, that?s just outright bollocks. Australia has no ?well-established freedom of speech?. There is nothing in Australian law that guarantees our freedom of speech. The most we have is a wishy-washy ?implied freedom of political communication? based on a reading that stretches the Constitution to breaking-point.

This sort of double-speak from the state is certainly, as Southern?s Australian promoter says, highly suspicious.

The Australian authorities have a long history of paternalism when it comes to protecting delicate Australian minds from the polluting influence of controversial speakers. In 1934, Czech Jew Egon Kirsch travelled to Australia to warn against the threat of Nazism. He was banned because, like Southern, he had previously been excluded from Britain. When Kirsch literally jumped ship in Melbourne, the government demanded he pass a dictation test in Scots Gaelic. Quote:

Ms Southern said Australians are ?at a crossroads?.

?Do you want to retain your culture? Do you want to retain your borders, family, identity?? she said.

?Or will the boats keep coming? Will the no-go zones keep growing and will you become another victim of multiculturalism?? End of quote.

Unfortunately, the Australian state and its cheerleaders on the authoritarian left have determined that the Australian hoi polloi are too deplorable to listen to such questions for themselves, let alone try and answer them.