Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux granted 10-day visas to New Zealand

Conservative Canadian speakers?Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have been granted 10-day visas to New Zealand. Now all they need at short notice is a venue. Will they be able to pull it together in time?

We will let you know as soon as we know. Fingers crossed.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said his decision did not condone the?views of the pair.

“I understand that many people would prefer it if Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux never set foot in New Zealand.

?INZ?s decision in no way condones the views expressed by the pair, which are repugnant to this Government and run counter to the kind and tolerant values of the vast majority of New Zealanders.”

He is so very wrong in his assessment which shows his ignorance of both the views expressed by the Canadians as well as the support they have from those in New Zealand. They are not intolerant of people, they are challenging intolerant ideas incompatible with a free Western society. He needs to watch their videos and educate himself.

They are also promoting the Farmlands documentary to expose the white genocide that is happening at present in South Africa.