Life of Mahd: A comedy about Mohammad

Life of Brian

The 1979 British religious satire comedy film, Life of Brian, starring and written by the comedy group Monty Python, and others, tells the story of Brian, a young Jewish man who is born on the same day as, and next door to, Jesus Christ, but who is subsequently mistaken for him.

Churches of the day were affronted by a satire based on the son of God and?there was talk of blasphemy and Christians protested outside movie theatres. The movie was banned in parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway. Everyone got over it with no violence, no real harm done, and the film became the highest grossing British movie in the United States that year, in fact becoming an icon. There was plenty of criticism from Christian communities but there were no threats of violence or death.

Try making a similar religious satire comedy film today, let’s say on a man we call Mahd, a young Muslim man with the same story as Brian in Life of Brian.? Mahd is mistaken for Mohammad, joins ISIS and attracts an entourage when miracles happen around him. He falls in love with a young Muslim woman named Fatima and they eventually spend the night together, two unmarried young Muslims having sex. ? No one in their right mind would make this movie because there?d be hell to pay from the Muslim communities possibly with threats of violence and death.

Salmon Rushdie published his book critical of Islam, The Satanic Verses?in the United Kingdom in 1988 forcing him into hiding or risk being killed.? The fatwah on Rushdie is still in place. Quote.

It’s 20 years since Iran’s religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini pronounced a death sentence on Salman Rushdie for ‘insulting’ Islam with his novel The Satanic Verses. The repercussions were profound – and are still being felt.?End of quote.

Recently Israel Folau was under fire for saying (in line with his religious beliefs) that gays who did not repent would go to hell.? There was plenty of criticism of Folau but there were?no violence or death threats from the LGBT community.

PHOTO-Warwick Smith/ Fairfax NZ
FIANZ president Hazim Arafeh (far right)

There is no doubt that the Muslim community reacts fiercely to any hint of criticism as Olivia?Pierson’s recent article on the “the angry, the very, very angry” leader in the Auckland Muslim community? FIANZ president Hazim Arafeh demonstrates.

The ?racist? leaflets which UK anti-terrorism police cited as the reason to detain conservative journalist Lauren Southern and bar her from entering the UK have been revealed to be leaflets promoting ?LGBT for Islam.?

Lauren Southern set out to highlight Islam?s intolerance of the LGBT community and she certainly succeeded. Quote.

When Lauren Southern set up a stall in a public square in Britain in February with posters declaring: ?Allah is gay, Allah is trans, Allah is lesbian?? to draw attention to Islam?s negative attitudes to the LGBT community,?she was the one who was pilloried, especially by the political left. Her stall was shut down by the police because the constabulary feared violence might erupt. End quote.

Because of the violent nature of Islam we now have whole communities walking on eggshells lest they offend and set off Muslim communities on a path of violence. Quote.

Later, Southern was denied entry to Britain on the grounds that she had distributed ?racist material? in Luton ? even though Islam is not a race and she was targeting religious beliefs, not individuals.

Southern was trying to make in Luton in what she described as a ?social experiment?. She had observed that it seemed acceptable to ask if Jesus Christ was gay (as an article in Vice had done recently) but not Allah. So she set out to test her hypothesis ? and was quickly proved right.?End of quote.

What the world, in general, seems to be asleep about, is the depth of violent reaction hiding in Muslim communities.

What is also concerning is local and government authorities worldwide who are afraid of the reactions from them and are prepared to do almost anything to appease them – including misrepresenting and betraying Lauren Southern.