Little girls sending sexy selfies: ‘Good work,’ says Greens MP

Caption: Teach your daughter to sext: Greens MP Adam Bandt approves (Digital image: Lushington Brady)

What is it with the left and kiddy diddling? From the lantern-jawed Nambla fantasiser behind the DisruptJ20 protests to convicted paedophile ‘resistance’ leaders, it seems that the left is hell-bent on not just getting into our kids? heads but their pants as well. In Australia, it has recently been revealed that leftist doyen Dorothy Hewitt passed her daughters around like lollies (pun intended) to the salivating nomenklatura of the 70s left. Netflix?s new cartoon is the jaw-droppingly vile concept of Drag Tots.

Drag Tots

Even worse, the louche left is weaponising state bureaucracies, education departments in particular, to peddle their creepy, sexualised messages at younger and younger children. The loathsome ‘Safe Schools’ program has been described as state-sanctioned grooming. Now a proposed new school program in the Australian state of Victoria aims to coach little girls on how to send nudes over social media. Quote:

Schoolgirls as young as 12 to be taught how to send sexy photos including cropping out their heads in naked pictures.

The ‘Art of Safe Sexting’ program has been proposed for schoolgirls as young as 12, despite many parents warning against the practice. End of quote.

?Many?? I struggle to imagine a single parent who would think that 12-year-olds sexting is a good idea. Unless they?re the type of parent who parks their white van outside the local kinder, armed with bags of sweets. Quote:

Lessons on how to safely send ‘sexy snaps’ via text message and social media have been recommended by an online education tool created by an advocacy group.

Victoria’s Gen Z are told to crop out anything identifiable, not sext under the influence, know the legal landscape and avoid sharing other people’s risque photos. End of quote.

Um? how about emphasising the fact that IT?S ILLEGAL. Making or possessing nude pictures of minors is child pornography. Quote:

‘If you still wanna send a pic, try to crop out anything that makes it obvious that it’s you.

‘So leave out your face, your favorite necklace and tattoos, so if you need to, you can deny that that image is you.’ End of quote.

Now, one can appreciate, to a very limited extent, the concept of harm minimisation. If kids are going to be dumb enough to send nudie pics over the internet, it?s probably best that they don?t be completely senseless about it. But? sweet Jesus on a pogo stick? IT?S ILLEGAL. Can you imagine a school program on how to rob banks safely? On how to murder someone and cover the evidence?

But, more than that, there is something deeply disturbing about this sort of idea being given the imprimatur of the state. Just as parents are justifiably upset by schools using their authority to expound dodgy ideologies of ‘queerness’ and transgender propaganda, the very concept of a school, the most significant authority outside the family in most children’s? lives, actually coaching children in how to make and send ‘sexy’ nude photos of themselves is frankly appalling.

What next? Grinder 101? How to do a webcam show?

This creepy initiative has proved to be too much even for the socialist government of Victoria, the originators of the ‘Safe Schools’ queer indoctrination program. Quote:

The initiative has been not been endorsed by the Department of Education and has been slammed by Education Minister James Merlino.

‘These [the sexting tips] are not appropriate, the Department of Education has a clear policy and resources on sexting that are available for teachers, students and parents,’ Minister Merlino told The Herald Sun.

Opposition Education spokesman Tim Smith said he was ‘appalled’, saying kids should spend ‘less time on these types of sordid distractions’ and be taught to read and write. End of quote.

Well, hey, Janie can’t read, but at least she does a bang-up job of sending nudes. Quote:

Susan McLean, former Victoria Police ‘cyber cop’, described the information on the site as ‘flaky’ and stated there was no safe way to send a naked image as the risk remained the same. End of quote.

News of these lessons in sexy selfies for schoolgirls set at least one politician?s heart aflutter.

Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt tweeted that it was ?good work?. To which Tim Smith replied, ?You are a truly sick human being. Why do you condone children sending nude photos of themselves? What?s wrong with you?? End of quote.

Another Twitter user put it more succinctly by saying, “You’re odd”.