Looks like the gangs are running Rimutaka prison, not Corrections

A video has been posted on YouTube showing Mongrel Mob gang members giving themselves tattoos in Rimutaka Prison.

The video was posted on 14 July this year:

The video shows gang members using an improvised tattoo machine, and is presumably filmed on a cellphone.

They are obviously breaking all sorts of prison regulations and likely the law as well.

These criminals are thumbing their nose at Corrections and it appears they are in control of Rimutaka Prison, and not Corrections.

The fact they are so brazen in uploading the video to YouTube suggests they do not fear the consequences either.

Kelvin Davis is going to have to answer a few questions about how these criminals were able to access equipment to make an improvised tattoo machine, how they obtained a cellphone, how they passed the video outside of the prison and managed to upload the video to social media.

In March this year the government introduced a bill to prevent the?tattooing of prisoners. The bill will make it a disciplinary offence for a prisoner to tattoo another prisoner or themselves, or get one from another prisoner. The bill is still in select committee but the intention of this government is to prevent this sort of action occurring.

Kelvin Davis is sure to have to answer some questions over this. The most important one is: Who, precisely, is running Rimutaka Prison?