Maori trust unhappy with being forced to become a special character school

Bryce Murray: Whakaue angry at charter school loss

An interview on Waatea news?revealed that another Maori group is speaking out to defend the partnership charter schools terminated by Education Minister Chris Hipkins. Quote.

Ng?ti Whakaue members have meet with the education and workforce select committee to express dissatisfaction with having to turn their partnership school into a special character school. End quote.

Their?curriculum is designed to develop the interests of their students in science and technology and the school’s sponsor the Te Taumata ? Ng?ti Whakaue Iho-Ake Trust, wants iwi to continue to have a major role in the education of their tamariki?like they were able to under the partnership model. Funded and managed as a partnership school in its?first year, Rangihakahaka met all expectations. Quote.

“A number of the wh?nau who have had negative experiences in a lot of different schools have commented positively on the effects they have seen in their tamariki through attending Te Rangihakahaka and we think it’s a shame the Government is looking to do away with partnership schools because of the negative effect this will have on wh?nau and tamariki,” Mr Murray says.

Ng?ti Whakaue spends about $1.5 million a year supporting the education of its tamariki, and believes it can make a difference […]??End quote.

Credit: Rick H

The silence of Kelvin Davis, Peeni Henare and Willie Jackson on this issue has been deafening. How was this silence bought? They talked big in opposition but now that they are in government they appear to be gagged.

The government is now facing a Waitangi Tribunal claim from educationalists?Sir Toby Curtis and Dame Iritana T?whiwhirangi as a result of its arrogance and its appalling treatment of partnership schools. Quote:

Labour?s?M?ori MPs went off the party list and won every?M?ori seat.

M?ori will be asking themselves what the point of voting for them is if they won?t even uphold the Treaty.

Labour considers itself to have a special relationship with M?ori. But […] now faces the prospect of an adverse Waitangi Tribunal claim.

The Labour Party MPs who support charter schools ? Kelvin Davis, Willie Jackson, and Peeni Henare ? have thus far been missing in action.

Their window of opportunity to do the right thing for M?ori students is closing fast?End quote.

-ACT leader David Seymour