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Map of Countries Most and Least Welcoming to Foreigners

New Zealand is a dark blue colour, implying we have a welcoming attitude to foreigners ……or is this some sort of fetish for foreign accents?

When foreigners arrive though the gates, they are greeted by the sounds of tuis mating in the manukas, and an enchanting Maori greeting.??It is here where they meet their first kiwi. Not a fruit or a bird, but a real person wearing a funny hat. “Welcome to New Zealand”?is generally the first thing you will hear when you land.

We also don’t allow any riff-raff here. You are covertly sussed out from a distance and subtly sniffed out by one of our highly trained beagles with a hatred of nuts, curries, biltong, apples and oranges.

Foreigners come to New Zealand because we do not have any Russian spies here.