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The Russian Economy Fitted Into Western Europe

Not that big eh?

I guess a huge part of their budgets goes into the war machine……..or not? Russia are good at smoking mirrors (and telling porkies). They come across as though they have a hand full of Aces or a Royal Flush. This could be a bluff but again not??How many games have they won with only a hand full of 2’s and 3’s?

On this basis the Russia economy is worth?$1.4 trillion, making it the?12th largest?in the world. Roughly equivalent to the GDPs of?the Netherlands ($824 billion), Belgium ($492 billion) and Luxembourg ($64 billion)?combined.

Yet, these 3 countries have a combined population of only?29 million?compared to Russia?s?145 million.

However, nominal GDP is not always the best measure of these things, as it values the economy based on the exchange rate with the US dollar, rather than what you can actually buy in local currency.

Therefore, a better measure is to use?purchasing power parity?(PPP). On this basis, Russia looks much better with an economy of?$4 trillion, making it the?6th largest?in the world.

This is far larger than the combined PPP GDPs of the Netherlands ($908 billion), Belgium ($529 billion) and Luxembourg ($64 billion), which don?t really change that much.

Although, even on a PPP basis the Russian economy is only worth around the same as Germany?s (population?83 million) or just over?20% of the GDP of the United States.

A few other facts about Russia:

  • Largest country in the world with a total area of?17.1 million?square km. Making larger than Pluto and?1.8X?the size of the Canada, China or the United States.
  • Has the most nuclear warheads of any country (7,000).
  • 1 million?active military personnel, making it the world?5th largest?military.
  • Has the?3rd largest military budget?in the world behind the United States and China.