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Source – Cornell University

87 545 000 Deutsche in Europa

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87,545,000 Germans in Europe – The German share of population and culture in European countries. The above map was endorsed by the Nazi party. The map was orginally drawn by Arnold Hillen Ziegfeld in 1938. The Collectors notes are as follows:

A striking 1938 map reflecting Nazi expansionist goals. (In January 1938, the population of Germany was in fact about 68 million.) The quote from Hitler’s speech of February 20, 1938, describes how “unbearable” it is for a “world power” to witness the suffering inflicted on “national comrades” because of “their sympathy or loyalty to the people as a whole.” The map is based on Albrecht Penck’s 1925 concept of Volks- und Kulturboden. See Notes for ID #1216 (Penck). Different shades of red correspond to different “German” population densities|some “Germanness” extends to virtually all of Eastern and Northwestern Europe. The arrows – particularly chilling in light of later developments – are explained by a note: they “indicate the direction of propagation of German municipal rights in the Middle Ages.”

The map was commissioned by a Nazi party periodical, as a supplement for an issue “dedicated to the topic of Germandom” (Herb 1997, 161). It was “designed and prepared as prescribed by . . . the NSDAP Office of Training.”