Merkel and Europe almost gone

Caption: “Did I do that?” Angela Merkel’s virtue-signalling stupidity will haunt Europe for?generations

For the second time in a century, a German chancellor has almost single-handedly set Europe on a path to destruction. Where one deliberately embarked on a path of war and conquest, the other practically blundered into disaster with a sweeping act of self-righteous stupidity. When Angela Merkel unilaterally declared the European door thrown open to illegal migrants from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, it didn?t take much imagination to see what would happen.

Now it appears as if the political pigeons are coming home to roost. Quote:

Once, Merkel was queen of Europe, now she?s a beggar. Suddenly, European politics has changed beyond recognition?The tide has now turned on migration ? in Germany and across Europe. End of quote.

Just as in Australia during the Rudd and Gillard years the open borders advocates were drunk on their own ?compassion? and completely blind to the consequences of their moral posturing. Just as happened in Australia, where a new government was elected with a clear mandate to halt the tide, Europe?s demos is turning against open borders utopianism. Quote:

Those making the case for an open Europe are haunted and chastised. They are losing elections?the verdict is in: Merkel was wrong and she?s lost. End of quote.

Even the left?s poster-children in Scandinavia are realising, however belatedly, that borders matter, as Dutch politician Thierry Baudet wrote in his doctoral thesis. Quote:

Denmark and Sweden reinstated border controls in 2015 ? and they plan to keep them?Most centrist parties in my native Sweden have caught up with the view that the country has already accepted too many refugees. Denmark never cared much for Europe?s liberal consensus on migration.

Mette Frederiksen, the leader of the Danish Social Democrats who will likely become the country?s next premier, wants to make it impossible to claim asylum on Danish territory. If she gets her way, a persecuted Syrian or Libyan refugee asking for protection in Denmark should be sent to Danish refugee camps in Northern Africa and the Middle East. By Danish standards, she is still a migration liberal. End of quote.

Resentment against open borders is also growing south of Germany. Quote:

Viktor Orban in Hungary and Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Poland feel that their views on immigration have been vindicated?a third of France still voted for Marine Le Pen.

Even a year ago, Orban and Kaczynski could still be dismissed as loonies and fruitcakes?Merkel?s view of Europe was the consensus?

But the elections in Italy and Austria changed all that. End of quote.

Critics of the European Union have always argued that Brussels is an elitist project that too often ignores the will of the peoples of its nation-states. Now the demos of Europe is making its views known. Quote:

The balance of power keeps changing, shifting ever further away from Merkel?The reality in Europe is moving far faster than the political debate in Brussels? End of quote.

Now it looks as if Merkel is finally politically toasted. Quote:

Whatever Merkel now chooses to do will cause her reputation to crumble. If she escalates the conflict with [her anti-immigration minister] Seehofer ? and fires him from government ? it may be the end of the German centre-right as the party of government. If she goes along with Austrian and Italian demands to turn back migrants and create a fortress Europe, she will be admitting that her open-door policy on migration killed her own vision of a Europe that is welcoming to people fleeing from oppressive governments. She has run out of good options, as well as political authority. She might limp on in Germany for a few more years yet, but her long reign in Europe has ended. End of quote.

But Germany and the rest of Europe will live with the consequences of her disastrous policies for generations.

Nicholas Nassim Taleb wrote, ?Never trust anyone who doesn?t have skin in the game?. It is notable that pro-open borders politicians of Europe – Merkel, Macron, May – are all childless. By contrast, almost all of the new generation of leaders seeking to re-establish control of their nations? borders have families. Children who will have to live with the new Europe created by uncontrolled Muslim mass-migration. These politicians have skin in this game.