MFAT?have some explaining to do

screenshot: Whaleoil

What on earth are officials in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade doing promoting an event in favour of a one-state solution and an economic terrorist group that wants the world to boycott Israel? They even provided details of the date, time and place.

The MFAT Facebook promotion?is in complete opposition to New Zealand’s longstanding and current policies. Understandably the Israel Institute of New Zealand is very unhappy that a New Zealand government Ministry is promoting economic terrorists on their?facebook page. The Boycott Divest and Sanction organisation has been banned from entering Israel along with 19 other groups that actively seek to cause Israel economic harm.

In America, a new bill has been introduced to protect United States businesses from BDS economic terrorism yet unbelievably we have a New Zealand government ministry promoting the economic terrorism of that exact same organisation.

MFAT have some serious explaining to do. How on earth can they justify promoting a group legislated against in America and banned from Israel??

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has commented on Facebook: Quote.

[…] This seems is in sharp contrast with New Zealand’s longstanding and current policies and divergent from a path of peace and justice. Other?New Zealand Institute of International Affairs – NZIIA?events, where alternative views may have been presented, have not been selected by MFAT for promotion.

We ask that MFAT clarify their position on these issues.

Considering that you need to have good relationships with other countries in order to trade with them, officials at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade have messed up big time. Their Facebook promotion is a slap in the face to Israel. A no holds barred apology is required.

What is really ironic about the entire situation is that the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2015 issued a warning to National MPs against Falun Gong celebrations due to China’s ‘sensitivities.’ The question that needs to be put to them is why do they worry about offending communist China but not democratic Israel?