Minister of duh, Clare Curran, thinks organisations affected by her policies shouldn’t be able to lobby

Clare Curran has her knickers in a bunch over an email from MediaWorks’ CEO.

Newsroom reports: Quuote:

Mediaworks staff have been told by their CEO that television is an ?uneven playing field? and that the company?s position is challenged by TVNZ?s position in the market.

CEO Michael Anderson told staff in an email leaked to?Newsroom?that ?now is the time to get this message out?.

Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran said the email was reminiscent of campaigns waged in Australia by the Rupert Murdoch-controlled press to destabilase the position of the state-owned ABC broadcaster.?End quote.

So what if if his email is what you say it is… he’s allowed a view, isn’t he??Quuote:

Anderson?s email was sent to MediaWorks staff after a? published remarks Anderson made to a ministerial advisory group on public media.

He told the advisory group “there is a genuine risk that the Government, through its owned media channels, may become the only broadcaster in New Zealand?.

In his email, Anderson reassured staff that the company was not about to pull out of television broadcasting, but said that now was “the time to get the message out” and implied they might want to raise the role of TVNZ in the market when discussing their company?s position with other people.

?This will no doubt be something you are asked about externally whether that be by clients, suppliers or even friends,? he wrote.

?And the truth is that we are going to continue to fight for our future and for a level playing field, which we think is in the best interests of advertisers, agencies and the viewing public.?

MediaWorks has long made its displeasure at the Government?s media policy known, including in an interview with?Newsroom. The Government?s eventual aim is to create RNZ+, a TV station run by Radio NZ.?End quote.

A more powerful state media apparatus is precisely what left-wing governments seek. That way they can control the narrative.?Quote:

Curran said the email was evidence of a campaign to influence and change Government policy.

?I am concerned that MediaWorks appears to be running a campaign to influence the Government,? Curran said.

She said MediaWorks has had multiple opportunities to raise concerns with her, including at two meetings she has had with Anderson.

Curran also pointed out that the language used in Anderson?s email was almost identical to language used in Australia to undermine the position of the Australian state broadcaster, the ABC, chiefly by the Rupert Murdoch controlled press.

This week, News Corp Australia, Rupert Murdoch?s Australian company, told Australia?s inquiry into the competitive neutrality of the national broadcasters that there was a ?lack of a level playing field for the distribution of content online?.

News Corp alleged the internet had turned ABC and SBS into news publishers and given them an unfair advantage online. But the remarks were made against the backdrop of calls for the ABC to be sold.

Curran said it was ?curious? that the same language had been used on both sides of the Tasman.

Anderson rejected the idea that he was running a Murdoch-style campaign. He told?Newsroom?that he saw it as a ?conversation? with ?Government, officials, other media, the local production sector and the public?. He noted that the Murdoch press?s comments related to digital media, rather than linear TV.?End quote.

Curran is upset that MediaWorks is lobbying, campaigning and seeking to influence the government? Does she mean like the unions, nurses, teachers and everyone else on strike or lobbying for changes in public policy? Why does this idiot minister think it is OK to attack a private organisation simply on the basis that they are opposed to her stupid broadcasting ideas??Quote:

Curran told?Newsroom?that she had listened to the concerns of MediaWorks, but she would not be moved from her plan.

She said that MediaWorks had a ?vested interest? in an alternative plan.

?I?m not criticizing them for having vested interests, I?m just saying their attempts to pressure the Government with that lens,? she said.

But she said the Government?s plan and its schedule for implementing that plan would not changed.

?I?m not going to be pushed on that, I?m not going to be pushed on it,? she said.

?This is the biggest reform in the media sector that has happened in my memory. It needs to move at a pace that the Government thinks it needs to move at not the pace that a commercial media entity thinks to move at?. End quote.

It’s a bit rich of her to talk about her memory, considering she forgot about a meeting in Astoria. But it is outrageous that she discounts views because they have “vested interests”. Those advocating for increased public broadcasting also have vested interests, but because those vested interests suit her agenda she is listening to those ones.

People are trying to influence and change government policy every damn day, like unions for example. It’s how we get things done in a democracy. Our Clare really is a special kind of stupid, isn’t she?