Mutinous migrants

The Times?(UK) reports: Quote:

African migrants threatened to kill the crew of an Italian cargo vessel that had rescued them in the Mediterranean, in an attempt to avoid being returned to detention centres in Libya.

The Italian coastguard picked up the migrants after receiving a call for help from the ship. They were being taken yesterday to Italy where the ringleaders will be questioned by police over the incident.

The mutiny on the Vos Thalassa marked an escalation in problems in the Mediterranean after Italy?s new populist government refused entry to migrants picked up by charity boats and handed over rescue responsibilities to the Libyan coastguard.End quote.

So, in cases where the coastguard are threatened, let the boats fend for themselves. Their own fault, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Quote:

The incident has raised new concerns for merchant sailors who face a difficult dilemma because it is illegal under international maritime law to?refuse help to anyone in trouble at sea. End quote.

But, but… aren’t these poor, disadvantaged people from war-torn countries who have fled in fear of their lives? Quote:

The 67 sub-Saharan migrants, including three women and six children, were spotted in a dinghy on Sunday by the crew about 60 miles off Libya.

After hauling them on board the captain asked the Libyan coastguard to pick them up, prompting an angry reaction from some of the migrants, who had hoped to be sent to Italy.

?Death threats were made and some of the 12 crew members were pushed,? a spokesman at Italy?s transport ministry said. ?It turned from a rescue to piracy.? End quote.

It was never a rescue anyway. They were never in trouble. The people smugglers know that if they signal that they are in distress, someone HAS to come to their rescue. It doesn’t mean they were actually in any danger. Quote:

As a Libyan coastguard boat approached, the migrants became more aggressive and the crew turned for help from the Italian coastguard, which dispatched a vessel given the ?grave danger? that the crew was in.

Officials were ?identifying those responsible for the disorder in order to hand them over to Italian investigators,? a coastguard statement added. End quote.

Good on the Italians. It all had to end somewhere. Everyone knows that this is not a true refugee situation. The Times article doesn’t even refer to them as refugees, calling them ‘migrants’. And yet, for the most part, the farce continues. Quote:

Charity rescue ships that had been patrolling the area are now absent after Italy denied them entry to its ports and Malta impounded some. End quote.

Even better news. The charity ships trawl the Mediterranean, pick up migrants, drop them off to the closest port, and then go off on their merry way. Not their problem. They never seemed to realise that their holier than thou attitude was one of the things that kept the migrant hopefuls coming. Until Italy, finally, closed the door. Quote:

The heightened tensions come as Germany is struggling to control its own immigration levels and appease right-wing voters and one of Angela Merkel?s main coalition partners. End quote.

It’s funny how Merkel was saving the world singlehandedly, and then suddenly, once her voters turned against her, it became a different story. If she had thought the whole refugee issue through properly, instead of playing Mother Teresa, Europe would not be the basket case that it now is. But it is too late for that.

Coastguards are just ordinary people doing their job. They should not find themselves in mortal danger while doing it. It may be illegal under maritime law to fail to assist those apparently in distress. But taking the batteries out of the hearing aid is quite understandable sometimes.