Nashy supports cannabis decriminalisation, probably

Stuart Nash is the police minister and he has said he probably supports cannabis decriminalisation. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Police Minister Stuart Nash says he would “probably” vote for decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use if MPs were given a conscience vote on the issue.

“It’ll be a conscience vote so I’ll vote the way that my conscience feels. Decriminalisation, I would probably vote for it,” Nash told Newstalk ZB this morning.

“The thing with this … as the Minister of Police, I look at this a lot. Marijuana isn’t the issue we’ve got in our society at the moment, it’s methamphetamine. That’s the one we’ve got to go hard on.”

Nash said he hadn’t made up his mind but would look at all the evidence before deciding.

“If it comes down to a referendum … if it means legislation goes into the House then MPs have a conscience vote and I’ll make a decision at that point in time,” he told Mike Hosking.

The Government is planning a referendum on personal use of cannabis before or at the next election. Justice Minister Andrew Little is expected to take a paper to Cabinet in the next few months.

The issue of cannabis use is back in the spotlight following a poll by the NZ Drug Foundation this week which shows support to decriminalise or legalise cannabis for the use of pain relief has increased from 78 per cent last year to 87 per cent this year. End quote.

One day soon politicians are going to realise that this is a vote winner and not at all the third rail that they think it is, especially conservative politicians.

Good on Nashy for stating his preference. Many other politicians would be too gutless to say so.