National party candidates at local-body elections: Questions

National party members will have a chance to debate a remit, at this weekend’s conference, on whether National should run candidates at local body elections in 2019.

As part of the debate members should ask the questions:

1. Who is going to fund the campaigns?

2. Do National have enough money for the 2020 campaign, and can they afford to run local campaigns in 2019???

3. What happens to the National brand if ‘National’ candidates get a hiding in the 2019 election?

4. What happens if a dodgy candidate ends up running for the National local-body ticket, and gets outed in some sort of major scandal?

5. How does running National candidates at local body elections help National win the 2020 general election?

6. Will the geniuses who were involved in Vic Crone and Auckland Future?s 2016 campaign be allowed anywhere near the 2019 campaign?

There are good reasons to run National candidates at local-body elections. There are also good reasons not to run National candidates. Members debating the remit need to prove to the senior leadership that they can fund the local campaign, that they will not have dud candidates and they will not let anyone involved in the 2016 campaign anywhere near the 2019 campaign. Then the remit might pass the forum that it actually needs to pass: the senior leadership team of caucus.