New Zealand is a haven of liberal politics

Oh God, my husband is going to kill me. It is 11.00 pm on Saturday night, and he has just headed off to bed. I usually follow within a few minutes, but then I? came across this article that made me want to scream at the sky like a leftie.

But I’m not going to do that. Instead, all I can do is hope he goes to sleep fairly soon because I’m going to be up for at least the next hour because this article is the biggest load of drivel I’ve ever seen. No. Scratch that. The biggest load of drivel I’ve seen today. There is such a lot of drivel around these days.

This article is from?The Independent?and it takes comfort in the fact that, as the rest of the world turns alt-right, or fascist, or whatever we are called nowadays, good old New Zealand is setting the course to rights. Even though it is not. Quote:

It?s now almost 60 years since Britain first applied to join the EEC, and Conservative MPs in the House of Commons are stuck squabbling over something that?s as sure as anything to cost them their majority. It is clear that Brexit ? and the people who voted for it ? is far from liberal. End quote.

I voted for Britain to stay out of the EEC – the Common Market – back in the 1970s. I always knew it would end badly. It has taken longer than I thought, but it was always going to happen. And I guess I am far from liberal these days, but back in the 1970s, I was probably considered fairly liberal. Which just shows how the political landscape has changed. Quote:

The US takes the far-right shift a notch further. Trump?s tolerance of those I would have no qualms calling Nazis is worrying. Last August, racist rallies in Charlottesville lasted two days without condemnation from the commander in chief.

I?m sure there are not any more white supremacists in America today than there were, say, two decades ago. But now they?re marching without their hoods. And that?s because they?ve got permission from the president.

Echoing 1930s Germany, recently migrant children were being stripped from their parents at the US border. And a flimsy executive order (a PR move on the president?s part, more than anything else) does little to end the crisis.

It?s not just in the US that anti-immigration sentiment has taken hold. The global consensus on asylum seekers seems to be: ?We don?t want you.? End quote.

Up to now, most so-called journalists have kept a step back from comparing conservatives with Nazis. It has been a close run thing at times, but they managed some restraint. The gloves are off now, guys. Conservatives are Nazis. It was only ever a matter of time. Quote:

Academics and journalists alike are bewildered by how easily everyone has been blinded by ?quasi-fascist? strongmen, in everywhere from Trump?s America to Erdogan?s Turkey. Victor Orban?s populist takeover in Hungary could never have happened, say, twenty years ago, as Eastern Europe still lay healing from their Soviet-era wounds. End quote.

But Hungary watched in horror in 2015 as hundreds of thousands of migrants, at the invitation of Angela Merkel, crashed over their border without the slightest respect and left a trail of devastation behind. For a country so recently released from the shackles of the Eastern bloc, it must have been a hard thing to tolerate. And they chose not to. Quote:

Italy has been the most recent to fall to this tide of anti-immigrant, anti-EU, anti-free trade politics. The deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, has said that the country will finally ?dare to say no? to the thousands of refugees streaming out of war-torn countries like south Sudan into the Mediterranean. End quote.

And why not?? They are overrun by hostile people already. Quote:

?That?s why I, living in a land headed by a female prime minister, who has just had a child with a Maori name, can?t help feeling at odds with the global political climate. And it?s not like New Zealand hasn?t a history of social progression, either. Ardern is our third female head of state. End quote.

So the fact that she has just had a baby makes her the Madonna? She was already pregnant when she was appointed as Prime Minister. None of this was planned. You think it is a good thing that almost the first thing our Prime Minister has to do is go on maternity leave? I would have preferred a premier who is available to do the job. That she is a woman is irrelevant. The Maori name is also totally irrelevant. It has nothing to do with anything. Stay on topic, Matteo di Maio – whoever you are. Quote:

It?s worth asking, then: is the terrifying force of Trumpism yet to reach our secluded oceanic shores? A nation, that, as electorates all over the world shifted their ideologies further right, moved left, to Labour. End quote.

Oh, God. I get so tired of repeating myself ad nauseam. Jacinda Ardern’s party did not win the election. She was not elected as Prime Minister. That would have been Bill English, but for the vagaries of MMP, which meant that someone who had won 7% of the vote called all the shots. And it is now becoming clear that he went with Ardern because he negotiated huge concessions. Concessions he would never have got out of Bill English in a million years. Quote:

As Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters in Gaza last month, a direct result of the US choosing to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Ardern condemned the use of military force in Gaza as a ?devastating one-sided loss of life.? End quote.

Which shows she knows absolutely nothing about the conflict in Gaza. Quote:

And then there?s that wonderful little quip of hers to Trump: ?No one marched when I was elected.? Her words show New Zealand distancing itself from an administration we?d rather not be associated with. end quote.

Which cost us concessions on steel tariffs with the USA that Australia managed to pull off, because their prime minister didn’t insult President Trump. Quote:

A mere seven weeks before New Zealand?s general election, Arden came as saviour to the Labour Party. Pulling them out of a near death zone of low public opinion to a highly credible election result, a move towards her more leftist, all-embracing policies showed a nation acting in defiance to what was becoming (scarily) a global political norm, built on shunning the minority in favour of the strong. End quote.

She didn’t win the election, she… oh, what the hell. How many times do you have to say it??Quote:

Her families package, as just one example, delivers money and healthcare to families with children to help reduce child poverty, and is reminiscent of the British welfare state.? End quote.

It also pays a baby bonus to wealthy people, enfranchises benefit fraud and actively encourages young women to make a career out of breeding unwanted children. How inspirational. It is called bleeding the taxpayer dry. Quote:

New Zealand?s parliament appears to have realised that no one?s going to get anywhere by pretending to agree with or make bargains with Donald Trump. He is a man whose foreign policy now seems more alike to that of dictators than of diplomats; as he continues to snuggle up to Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin. End quote.

OMFG. Forgive me, Whaleoil moderators. President Trump is not ‘snuggling up’ to Kim Jong-un. He has sent North Korea a signal that they must discontinue their nuclear programme, or there will be consequences. Obama, with all of his diplomatic skills, never came within a country mile of achieving what Trump has done. And you call it ‘snuggling up’? If Obama had done it, it would have been the second coming. He got the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing for world peace. Quote.

Still, the question arises; are we simply kidding ourselves with our ?feminist fantasies? and liberal policies, a country yet to follow everyone else off an inevitable cliff? Or has progress frozen in all places but here? Is this where globalism halts, and nationalism begins? Or is New Zealand a shining example to the world that a free, progressive society, if you?ll forgive the term, will in the end ?trump? all? End quote.

I’m sure you think you are really clever with your little play on words there but it is after midnight, I’m in the dog box, and we don’t have a dog. So I’m going to leave you with this thought.

You are kidding yourself, Matteo di Maio. Your leftist ideals are going to cause the destruction of our society and our culture. You want to throw open the doors to hordes of migrants who will come to conquer, not to integrate. You want a free for all in social welfare, without a thought of how it is all going to be paid for. You call ordinary people who have slightly conservative views Nazis because you have absolutely no idea what the real Nazis were like. You don’t understand that the calls of those people, the conservatives you call? ‘Nazi’ will actually save the society that you have so long taken for granted and now view with contempt. It is trendy to be a leftie. It is trendy to pretend you care about the downtrodden. But that is all you are.

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It is interesting that you compare modern day conservatives to Nazis because the world is going the same way as it did in the 1930s. Some of us stand back and watch in horror as people like you bring it all closer, day by day. We watch Europe being destroyed by invaders. We watch President Trump trying to stop the same thing happening to America, and being insulted for it by people like you. We hope the tide will turn before our society is ruined here too. Now we are watching our own free speech being eroded, and we see that we are on the same torturous path. People who want control of their borders are not Nazis, Matteo. They are merely people who don’t want their way of life destroyed. I’ll bet you don’t either.? You just don’t realise how close we are to seeing that happen.