No justice or did Bill screw up… again?

National are slow learners, and they’ve taken Winston’s bait… again. Quote:

Bad blood between Winston Peters and the National Party has erupted in a?fresh war of words?after the NZ First leader?warned “the jackals” would soon be?circling deputy Paula Bennett.

As National gathered for its first party conference since last year’s defeat, Peters also predicted leader Simon Bridges would be gone before the next election.

His comments came as former Australian prime minister John Howard opened the conference to rapturous applause after commiserating over a “disappointing, unfair and unjust” result.

National was ousted despite being the party that won most votes on election night?after NZ First went into coalition with Labour’s Jacinda Ardern.

Howard said he wrote to former prime minister Bill English saying there was “no justice” in politics. End quote.

The question needs to be asked. Was it “no justice” or did Bill screw up, again?

NZ First were keen to do a deal with Bill but he was such a useless bastard they couldn?t do a deal with him.

National leaders need to learn that doodling and scribbling on a pad of paper and not engaging in coalition negotiations is never a good look. Telling the guy who decides whether your career continues or you get the arse that you would rather piss in your tea and drink it than agree to welfare reform is probably worse.

Bill English needs to take the blame for the failed coalition negotiations. He was arrogant, unpleasant and completely off-putting to the people who decided his future. He also surrounded himself with the very people who were involved in Winston’s privacy breach.

Little wonder Winston decided to swallow a rat and do another deal.

National never understood that they had to negotiate policy. Instead, they thought they could retain power by bribing Winston with baubles and toys that were of no interest to a man and a party focussed on policy.

A deal was there to be done on policy, like the regional fund, defence and police, but they had to give up the neo-liberal, real-estate driven, low-wage economy. National didn’t lose the election; they just lost the negotiation, because they ignored policy.