No proof required!

Rex Murphy pens a great editorial in the Canadian National Post about Trump Derangement Syndrome: Quote.

Euclid’s Elements Book I, Proposition 1: Equilateral triangle

It may now join the propositions of Euclid, as impregnable to rebuttal, that Donald Trump or any news that alludes to him, unhinges the minds of those who oppose him. Trump, in this respect, is like global warming. He is the universal key to every phenomenon. Any statement about Trump, so long as it is in any way condemnatory, dismissive, insulting or condescending, requires neither proof, consistency, logic or (and especially) decency.

Just as enlisting in the grand cause of global warming invests the recruit with the immeasurable gifts of infallibility, moral superiority and boundless righteousness, so too does opposition, even to hatred, of Trump free the mind from all obligation to moderation, custom, or articulate argument. It is the ultimate pass to be as nasty and crude as anyone could wish, and ? with rarely noted irony ? even to be more nasty and crude than the great boorish Trump himself. How odd: to oppose Trump is to become a more clangorous version of him.

Hatred of Trump frees the mind from all obligation to moderation, custom, or articulate argument

As a corollary to the axiom, the greatest Trump-a-phobes also assign themselves the power to label anyone inconvenient to their view of the world as Trump-like, any opponent as Trumpian. Poor President Trump has become such a convenient touchstone that merely to drop his name while savaging an antagonist ? under the cranium of any incensed Trump-a-phobe ? is to close the sale, end the argument, and consign the victim to the red-hot hell of pariahdom. […]

Now it is one thing to be called a Trump wannabe. It is quite another to actually work for Mr. Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, an articulate, tough, poised woman, is his press secretary, who with seven of her friends went far out of Washington to have supper at a restaurant, The Red Hen. Two minutes after placing the order, the zealous owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, asked/told Sanders to leave. (No free-range chickens for you!) The obliging, polite, still esurient Sanders did, without demur or protest. […]

And so it goes. Even the 20-million-a picture-boys, mainstays of the sexual cesspool of high Hollywood, ?secret-sharers? of all its many depravities and predations, who for years rubbed shoulders and god knows what else with Harvey Weinstein or shared the table and god knows what else with Charlie Rose, are liberated to declaim against The Donald. It cleanses them ? ?Come now ?.Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.?

?F?k Trump? cried braveheart Robert De Niro to a roomful of dim bulbs and radiant egos at the Tony Awards. Two days later this St. Paul of the red carpet travelled to Yorkville, Toronto, another Warsaw of Trump ?resistance,? to bleat again ?F?k Trump? ? to the applause of nearly everyone from the mount of Forest Hill to the pleasant valley of Rosedale, who flee the fierce Toronto winters for Palm Springs.

Do you hate and despise Trump? Why then, you are virtue itself and a vessel of perfect probity. When the day comes, and the greeting at the Gate is done, the following dialogue will ensue:

St. Peter: ?Were you against Trump and all his works and pomps? Did you call him Hitler??

Red Hen devotee: ?Yes, I was. Yes, I did.?

St. Peter: ?Will that be one harp, or two?? End of quote.