OK, now I am offended!

Our glorious leader, Comrade Jacinda,? has written to me, personally, to tell me how wonderful she and Grant are.

Apparently, it is not illegal for barely disguised electioneering material signed by the “Labour Leader” to be posted out on a House of Representatives letterhead, in a House of Representatives envelope, presumably paid for by the taxpayer.

The letter opens Quote.

Almost everyone I talk to says they wish governments would plan further into the future – looking more than just an election cycle or two ahead – to give future generations the best foundation we can. End of quote.

How does sabotaging New Zealand’s energy supply give future generations the best foundation, Jacinda?

Jacinda then goes on to tell me how lovely it is going to be to get an extra $31.82 each week, whether we need it or not. We think that is absolutely wonderful as $31.82 more than covers our typical spend at a cafe. One more cafe trip per week on the taxpayer; who is going to complain about that? In New Zealand Standard Political Comparisons (NZSPC) that is seven flat-whites per week.

After a bit more self-congratulatory back-slapping, Jacinda tells me all about Kiwibuild. Quote.

And we all know housing affordability is a huge issue. As a nation, ensuring there are enough homes for everyone who wants to buy one is one of the toughest challenges we face. Continuing to ignore it any longer just isn’t an option. Our government has an ambitious plan called KiwiBuild to just get on and build the affordable houses that are needed for young families. There’s no quick or easy fix, but it’s time we got started. End of quote.

It sure is time; 10,000 to build and none completed yet.

And where is it stated that it is the government’s responsibility to house everyone? What happened to personal responsibility?

The letter finished off reminding us of her desire for privacy with respect to her current family situation by NOT bringing it to our attention.? She does not want to let on she is doing the whole superwoman thing; Yeah/Nah.? Quote.

You may not hear much from me over the next couple of weeks as Clarke and I get to know the new addition to our family, but I’ll be back in touch soon with more on the work the government’s doing. End of quote.

I was really hoping not to hear much from you for the whole six weeks, and I will not be at all upset if you never get back in touch.

So, why am I triggered and offended?

Jacinda assumes that I need to be told to turn the page when I finish reading it, just in case I miss her pearls to be revealed overleaf.